Congress is just ending its July Fourth vacation as Congressmen and Senators begin making their way back to Washington DC. You'd think that they would be eager to get to work, given all of the unfulfilled promises they've made.

But no, as soon as they get back to DC, they will begin planning for their next vacation: the entire month of August. Many in Congress are now calling for that vacation to be cancelled, but Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are adamanent. They are demanding that the vacation happen.

There are just 86 days separating us from the end of the fiscal year. September 30 is the deadline for Congress to pass appropriations and spending bills to make sure the government stays funded. It represents our best opportunity to get real conservative bills signed into law. Republicans will have real leverage. If Democrats won't approve issues like nationwide concealed carry or a ban on sanctuary cities, then they would be responsible for shutting down the government.

86 days might seem like a long time. But do you know how many vacation days Congress has scheduled in between now and then? They are going to be taking 59 days off... Most of that is the month of August, which GOP leadership has decided should be a month-long break.

It is just so ludicrous. Vacations are earned and Congress has NOT earned this many days off! They haven't earned any!

Join the fight to cancel Congress' vacation! Send your urgent FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress get to work on the people's business and not their tans!

We really only get one shot at this. Whether you supported him in the primary or not, President Trump's election represents the best opportunity to take this country back after almost a decade of liberal control of the government.

And he is making good on his promises. A lot of people feared that Trump would become a Democrat if he was elected. The fact of the matter is that it has always been Congress that we needed to be worried about...

Congress is the body that has done next to nothing. Even Congressman Jason Chaffetz has taken to criticizing his party's leadership for caring more about working on their tans than they care about working on the People's agenda.

It has to stop.

When we started calling for the Congress' vacation to be cancelled, we were one of the only voices. Today, thanks to your activism, the entire Freedom Caucus is now demanding the vacation be cancelled. We have convinced at least 10 Senators to begin demanding a cancellation as well.

Make no mistake, Paul Ryan is trying to run out the clock. He sees that the deadline for fulfilling the GOP's promises is fast approaching. He has two choices: He can either fulfill his promise and cancel the vacation to buy more time to pass President Trump's agenda... or he can run out the clock and say he didn't have enough time.

He is trying to run out the clock. Remember the promises he made for Trump's first 100 days? Remember how he went on Hannity and promised that all of the President's agenda items would be put to a vote? Well, 100 days came and went and Ryan announced he needed more time. The new deadline he set was 200 days. Do you know where Paul Ryan will be on Trump's 200th day in office? He will be on vacation.

He thinks you're stupid. That's the only explanation. He thinks he can string you along with promise after promise without consequences for his inaction. He thinks he can release a press statement saying that "200 days wasn't enough time" while he's sitting on a beach some where drinking a daiquiri.

Not acceptable!

Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress cancel their month-long August vacation immediately!

It really comes down to that. Is this acceptable? Are you ok with settling for a Congress that refuses to work with the President and schedules more vacations than workdays?

If not, it is up to you to shut this vacation down.

The GOP refuses to put major legislation onto the President's desk. Until they do, they cannot be allowed to take a single other day off!

Please, join the fight and tell Congress vacations have to be earned and that they haven't earned one!

Do you think Congress deserves another vacation? If not, let them hear it! Send your instant FaxBlast here and FORCE Congress to cancel their vacation or else be replaced!