Breaking: The United Nations was just caught red handed helping the caravan travel to the border. And now, UN officials are coaching the illegal migrants on how to fill out their asylum paperwork!

Look at the picture above. That map -- compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies -- represents the main illegal migrant caravan's daily progress. You can see that when the caravan was starting out, they were only able to make a few miles a day.

But all of a sudden, about a week ago, the caravan picked up the pace. They covered more ground in a week than they had in the month previous.

How did they do this? They had help. They had YOUR taxdol.lars!

Please, send your instant and letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to preserve Trump's cuts to the United Nations and pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to cut the rest of the funding!

This past year, President Trump cut hundreds of millions from the United Nations' migration agencies. The cuts were so large, that many of these UN agencies considered just closing up shop.

Last week, the UN made a major announcement. They have replaced the 300 million in Trump cuts with donations from private industry and other countries.

You see, the caravan had been waiting for almost a week in Mexico City. We now know that wait was so that caravan leaders could negotiate with the United Nations for chartered buses to carry them all to the US border. The United Nations claims that they didn't pay for the buses, but all of a sudden, the caravan had all of the transportation they needed. The UN says that's just a coincidence.

Now that the UN has funded its migration agencies, they have embedded officials into the caravan to help coach the migrants on how to take advantage of America's immigration loopholes to gain asylum.

Why is the United Nations doing this? I suspect that a lot of it is payback for Trump making those massive funding cuts. Now that they have found the funding elsewhere, they can focus on helping these illegal migrants without worrying about Trump making future cuts. They think they're untouchable...

In just 18 days, Congress must pass a new spending package to fund most of the Federal government. Otherwise, the government shuts down. The main focus so far has been over border wall funding in the Homeland Security Appropriations Bill. But Congress also has to pass another State Department Appropriations Bill, which includes funding levels for all international aid programs and United Nations contributions. That's right, Congress must vote on whether to fund the United Nations or not.

Paul Ryan and the GOP are terrified of having to pass a conservative spending package. They are instead pushing for what is called a "Continuing Resolution." These CRs keep government funded at the previous year's levels and would leave the budget issue up to Democrats next year.

Yes, that would mean another ban on border wall funding. But it would also restore United Nations funding levels to where they were before Trump made those massive cuts!

The GOP is literally about to reward the UN with hundreds of millions of American taxdol.lars! You must stop them!

 Please, send your instant and letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to preserve Trump's cuts to the United Nations and pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to cut the rest of the funding!

We are pushing for two things and we need your help to do it.

First of all, we are launching a massive campaign to pressure Congress into blocking all of Trump's United Nations cuts from being restored. The GOP's bill would restore funding to the UN's programs for Palestinian refugees, refugee resettlement, its radical climate treaty, global wealth redistribution, and even international gun control and civilian disarmament.

All of that funding would immediately come rushing back into the UN's coffers. We need your help to FORCE Congress to block Paul Ryan's plan to restore all of this funding!

But it isn't just enough to stop funding from being restored. Congress needs to cut it all, and the American Sovereignty Restoration Act would do just that! 

This bill would make it illegal for the United States to make any voluntary contributions to the United Nations, its General Fund, or any of its programs. The only funding allowed would be whatever was necessary to withdraw our people and assets from United Nations offices. Like so many common sense bills, this one is just seven pages. But the main provision is just one sentence long:

"No funds are authorized to be appropriated or otherwise made available for assessed or voluntary contributions of the United States to the United Nations or to any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations, except that funds may be appropriated to facilitate termination of United States membership and withdrawal of United States personnel and equipment."

This would cut all of the funding from the United Nations and would make Trump's 300 million cuts look small. We're talking about cutting Billions from the United Nations and outlawing any future donations.

The Democrats take back the House of Representatives in just 45 days. With the next budget bill due on December 7, this is our last and best chance to get the United Nations defunded for good! But if the GOP gets their way, the UN will get all of its funding back. Don't let that happen!

For far too long, the UN has used American taxdol.lars to target our sovereignty. This time, they have truly gone too far by helping the caravan.

Force Congress to cut the funding now!

Please, send your instant and letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to preserve Trump's UN cuts and pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to cut the rest!

America First,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily