Across the board, Republicans are now openly defying President Trump and blocking both his nominees and agenda items. 

You saw how loony Maxine Waters is calling on Leftists to go after Conservatives? These never-Trump RINOs put her to shame.

For a year and a half, these cowards have been secretly resisting the Trump administration. They never wanted Trump to win. The GOP establishment wanted a Hillary presidency so that they could continue promising things to Conservatives without ever having to deliver them. When Trump won, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell all of a sudden had to start delivering. They failed.

But it has gotten much worse than that. Establishment Republicans are now openly resisting Pres. Trump. They have joined Maxine Waters' resistance.

We saw it last week with the immigration bill. 41 Republicans voted against the President's immigration plan, hoping for something else more in line with what Hillary Clinton had run on.

We see it in the Appropriations Committees, as RINOs work with Democrats to restore international and UN aid budgets that Trump had cut. They would rather give your taxdollars to the anti-American UN than put America first.

Regardless of what you think about John McCain, he is not going to be returning to work in Washington DC. That's not conjecture, he has admitted it himself. And yet, his seat remains empty on the all-important Senate Armed Services Committee. With McCain absent, the only way to pass any bill through that committee is to get at least one of the Democrats to sign onto it. His absence is literally giving Democrats the power to filibuster military and homeland security bills. We deserve better than that.

Now, we are seeing it in the Senate Judiciary Committee as well. Lame duck anti-Trump Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) -- shown above -- just announced that he would be blocking all of President Trump's judicial nominations until he backtracks on... his Cuba policy.

That is right. In addition to wanting to gut Trump's tariffs, Flake is now blocking Conservative Judges from being added to the Federal court system because of the President's tough stance on Cuba. He also serves on the Senate Foreign Relations and Energy Committees and is threatening to block any Conservative progress there as well...

Enough is enough. Please, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they remove all of these anti-Trump cowards from leadership positions!

We've already covered - in depth - the risk of leaving Ryan in power for the next seven months. But Flake is showing that we need to go beyond that and start purging these obstructionists from their committee positions as well.

Jeff Flake is able to block all of Pres. Trump's nominees because Republicans have just a one-vote majority on the Judiciary Committee. If Flake doesn't vote for a nominee, then the nomination fails.

Flake retired earlier this year when a poll came out showing he would lose his primary by more than 20 percent. Instead of just leaving office then and there, he vowed to stay on and obstruct the Trump administration until the end of his term.

Now, he is single-handedly stopping Congress from putting more Conservative judges onto the courts.

This week is the last week of the Supreme Court's term. Rumors are circulating that Justice Anthony Kennedy will announce his retirement. If he does, it will happen either tomorrow or Wednesday. If it does, Flake will work with Democrats to stop Trump from adding another Conservative to the nation's highest court. He claims he is launching the protest over tariffs and Cuba policy, but the fact of the matter is that he just wants Trump to fail.

We are seeing this obstruction in both the House and the Senate. Conservative bills and nominees are being blocked in committee by anti-Trump legislators who have either already retired or have decided to just openly obstruct the President.

These cowards have absolutely no business serving in these committees. The fact that one never-Trump Senator is allowed to block all judicial nominations is shameful.

Ask yourself: Can we really afford to let the next 7 months be like the last year and a half? You know the answer is no.

Don't settle for this! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to purge all obstructionists from leadership positions immediately!

This country deserves better. We deserve better.

If these cowards are allowed to secretly and publicly obstruct the conservative agenda, we will have squandered the opportunity to take this country back.

On the issue of nominations, there are currently hundreds of judicial and executive branch vacancies for Trump to fill. This is a chance to change this country for decades to come... for generations to come. This is everything we've spent the past 9 years fighting for.

Every day, there are cases that come before courts and Obama's activist judges are able to rule without resistance because Trump is being blocked from adding Conservative judges to the bench.

Just think about what this would mean for the country. Think of what it would mean to appoint more pro-life or pro-gun judges. Think about what it would mean to replace activist judges with strict constitutionalists. 

I'm talking about creating a country worthy for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren,

Don't you think that is worth fighting for?

Purge them all! Please, send your urgent and instant message to Congress and FORCE them to purge these obstructionists from leadership positions, or else be removed themselves!

It's time to clean house,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily