This may be the worst 2nd Amendment violation we have ever seen...

Over the years, we have been able to help a lot of people being abused by anti-gun states like New Jersey and California. With your help, we have put pressure on lawmakers and prosecutors to help innocent gun owners being targeted by anti-gun liberals.

I thought that I had seen it all. But this latest story is one of the worst we have ever seen.

I want to introduce you to Mike Harky (shown above with his 2nd wife). Mike served this country in the Marine Corps for eight years before he was medically discharged after being injured in a roadside bomb. He was given the Purple Heart for his injuries.

When it came time to return home, he turned his rifle and gas mask in, but the Quartermaster told him he could keep whatever else he had. A lot of the gear he just left behind, But he did wind up saving some gear and souvenirs from his deployment. It was all packed away in a locked footlocker and shipped home.

After leaving the Corps, Mike settled in New Jersey to start a family and a business. His locked footlocker was stored away in the attic and left untouched.

While Mike Harky now runs a successful construction business and is the father to an eight year old boy, his first marriage fell apart. This year, as is the case with many marriages, Mike found himself in a custody dispute. During that court process, the judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order against Mike Harky and ordered him to surrender any firearms to the police. When officers arrived at his home to enforce the order, they asked if he owned any firearms. That was when they confiscated a shotgun and the locked footlocker from his days in Iraq. They even took his Marine Corps dress sword...

Harky ended up winning 50% custody of his son and the judge ordered the TRO to be dropped, but when he went to the Police station to collect his shotgun and gear, the police threw him in handcuffs. While officers were processing the gear in the footlocker, they found two 30-round magazines that Mike used while deployed overseas. He had forgotten they were even up there in the attic.

But since New Jersey law bans these magazines, Mike Harky has now been charged with two felonies and faces up to 3 years in prison if convicted!

This Purple Heart recipient was thrown in jail for two days and now is in a fight for his life to beat these charges.

But here is the real kicker: while Mike Harky has a shotgun, he doesn't own an AR-15 or any .223/5.56x45 bullets to put in the magazines. They are literally nothing but two boxes with springs in them. It has been so long since anybody touched them that there is actually still sand from the Iraqi desert left inside the mags...

New Jersey, however, doesn't care. They want to make an example of Mike Harky, even if it means ruining his life. This man survived an IED blast in Iraq only to fall victim to these anti-gun prosecutors.

The 2nd Amendment exists so that men and women can own the arms they need to defend themselves and their country (if necessary). The Supreme Court ruled in Heller v DC that the 2nd Amendment protects all arms in common use, especially those most useful for militia service. These magazines should be covered.

But New Jersey changed their laws last year to restrict magazine capacity even more, without offering any grandfather provisions to current owners. Now, Mike Harky is paying the price.

This is just so wrong...

That is why we are calling for all hands on deck. We are asking you to join today's campaign and pressure Congress to intervene on this man's behalf and put a stop to this prosecution.

And for today only, we have added additional fax recipients in the New Jersey State Government -- the Governor, Attorney General, Heads of the Divisions of Criminal Justice and Civil Rights, the Bergen County Prosecutor's office, and the local Police Chief -- demanding that they put a stop to this gross injustice!

The fact that this man is now being prosecuted for two harmless magazines that he forgot were in his Marine footlocker is an absolute travesty.

Harky's court date has been set for mid-November, just two weeks away!

This man put it all on the line to serve his country. He served honorably for eight years and received a Purple Heart for his injuries.

He answered the call to defend you. Now, I am asking to you answer this call and help defend him!

He needs our help...
Joe Otto

Conservative Daily