I am at a complete loss for words. Senate Democrats, at Nancy Pelosi's insistence, just filibustered the Chinese Virus stimulus package...

No, the Senate bill was not perfect. It was a big government bailout package designed to save American industries and protect American families. It gave the government the power to pick the winners and pick the losers.

But even if it wasn't perfect, even if there were things that made us cringe, we were still willing to put that aside and do what was best for the country. Financial analysts are now projecting a worst-case scenario of 30% unemployment. The stock market continues to slide, with no bottom in sight. Just weeks after record highs, American businesses are now on the brink of bankruptcy, through no fault of their own, and the only way to save them is swift Congressional action.

Senate Republicans worked through the weekend to come up with an emergency stimulus bill to get funding into the hands of business owners and families as fast as possible. Just to shop you how much of a compromise this was, the GOP bill would have literally sent checks to American families, something Democrats have been demanding.

Even though a deal had been reached between both parties, Nancy Pelosi jumped in at the last moment and declared the bill was dead on arrival in the House. She promised that Democrats would devise their own plan, not vote on the bipartisan deal that the Senate had reached. And just like that, the bill died. Democrats all voted against a bill that just hours earlier, they had signalled they supported.

All because Nancy Pelosi cannot stomach the idea of giving Donald Trump a win... She cannot stomach the idea that Republicans would get to take a victory lap on this.

Nancy Pelosi is holding American families and businesses hostage so that she can play a political game...

We have said this before, but now time is of the essence: Nancy Pelosi must be removed from power right NOW!

Kick Nancy Pelosi to the curb! Tell Congress right now that they MUST remove Nancy Pelosi from power, along with any other Congressmen or Senators who continue to play politics with American lives!

I cannot think of anything more disgusting than what Nancy Pelosi just did. Make no mistake, Senate Democrats torpedoed their own compromise bill because Pelosi told them to do it...

We are in this position because Nancy Pelosi spent January and February trying to remove Donald Trump from office. Instead of working with the President to prepare for a potential pandemic, Pelosi and the Democrats put the country through a sham impeachment.

Maxine Waters and the Financial Services Committee could have been holding hearings to shore up the American economy. Instead, she spent January and February digging through Trump's finances and beating the drums of impeachment.

The Judiciary Committee could have been holding hearings about what to do with Federal inmates if the Chinese Virus reaches Federal prisons. Instead, Jerry Nadler held hearings on whether Congress is allowed to impeach a President who has not committed a crime...

Adam Schiff could have held hearings on how China was covering up the virus. Instead, he held secret depositions in the basement of the Capitol to try to build a case to remove the President.

Pelosi did this.

Last week, Nancy Pelosi gaveled the House out of session. She refused to stay in DC to hammer out a stimulus bill. Only after the Senate GOP reached a compromise did Pelosi chime in and kill the bill.

This woman cannot be trusted. She has proven, time and time again, that she cannot be trusted to put country over party. She has proven that she cannot help herself and will always prioritize hurting President Trump over helping the American people.

Many Democrats were furious at Pelosi's decision. The Senate GOP offered the Left an olive branch and Pelosi spit in their faces...

It is time to remove Nancy Pelosi from power. While she will not stand for re-election until November, she can be removed as Speaker of the House in the meantime. Congress can force a no-confidence vote to force a Speaker out.

Nancy Pelosi's actions over the last week prove that we now have no choice: She MUST be removed from power!

Kick Nancy Pelosi to the curb! Join the fight and tell Congress right now that they MUST remove Nancy Pelosi from power, along with any other Congressmen or Senators who continue to play politics with American lives!

No other choice, she has to go!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily