Paul Ryan has done what many believed was impossible. He is now statistically as unpopular as Nancy Pelosi. A new NBC News poll puts Pelosi's approval rating at 30 percent and Ryan right next to her at 31 percent. It is not hard to understand why.

At every single turn, Paul Ryan has undermined President Trump and the policies the American People voted for. When Trump was a candidate, Ryan disowned him. When he won, the Speaker of the House committed himself to keeping Obama's legacy intact.

On immigration, Ryan has proven himself to be nothing but a liberal. Time and again, he has blocked the President's budget for building a border wall, he has rejected the President's refugee ban (even though he voted for one in 2015), and now that Donald Trump is preparing to end Obama's last-standing amnesty program, Ryan is rushing in to stop him on that too.

That's right, just days away from Trump's announcement of the end of Obama's DACA amnesty program, Paul Ryan is begging the President to keep the amnesty going to give Congress more time to write a bill to make it permanent.

It would be comical if there weren't real world implications to this. Paul Ryan has proven that he is no different than Nancy Pelosi, and the American people feel exactly the same way!

Kick them all out! Tell Congress right now that if they don't eject every RINO traitor, you will remove them from office!

We have been calling for Paul Ryan's removal for months. But this is truly a case where he has gone too far. 

On Sean Hannity's show in 2014, Ryan declared that Barack Obama's amnesty programs were completely unconstitutional.

Hannity: "If the President follows through on his threat for executive amnesty, what do you have in terms of tools at your disposal to stop him from doing that?"

Ryan: "Well, first of all, it's unconstitutional. So, we're already going through the court system on other unconstitutional executive orders that he has worked on and we would add this to the pile. Second of all, if we can get the power of the purse, we will explore every option that we can to exercise that power of the purse to get this executive to honor the constitution. If he were to do something like that, by the way, he will put millions of people in legal limbo, poison the well for Congress, and do something that's so blatantly unconstitutional. And so, we're telling the administration don't even think about doing this."

Now here we are, three years later, and not only is Paul Ryan asking Trump to keep the program going, but he says that Congress has been secretly working on a plan to make it permanent. 

Meanwhile, he is simultaneously refusing to give the President the necessary money to build the border wall. So, not only is he demanding amnesty for the illegal aliens already here, but he is demanding an open border so that more can sneak into the United States.

Paul Ryan must go.

Ryan is now demanding that Trump make Obama's amnesty permanent! Send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress remove Ryan and every other RINO from leadership!

Voting him out in two years isn't good enough. If he is able to put his liberal agenda into law, we won't even recognize this country in two years.

The pathetic fact is that Paul Ryan hasn't done anything differently than Nancy Pelosi would have. He has spent the last year and a half criticizing the President and trying to hurt him politically, all while stalling and refusing to pass any of his agenda items.

We worked too hard to take this country back - you worked to hard to take this country back - just to let Paul Ryan drag us all back into the Obama years.

Everyone has talked about the danger of letting the Obama holdovers stay in government. Well, Paul Ryan has proven himself to be an Obama holdover as well. He made promise after promise that he would dismantle Obama's policies. Today, he is the loudest voice on Capitol Hill defending them...

It's not enough to just vote him out. That would be better than he deserves after this monumental betrayal. He needs to be removed from power and kicked to the curb!

Paul Ryan is stabbing you in the back. Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and FORCE Members of Congress to remove each and every spineless RINO from leadership, or else!