When Donald Trump was elected, the assumption was that things would change. Trump's election was a clear rejection not only of the Obama administration, but the Democrats' plan to perpetuate those leftist policies. If the American people wanted eight more years of Obama, they would have voted for Clinton. But, they didn't.

Donald Trump has spent his first year in office dismantling as many Obama policies as he could.

Social Security gun ban? Repealed. Trans-Pacific Partnership? Withdrawn. UN Climate Treaty? Withdrawn. Unvetted refugee admissions? Ended. Catch-and-Release at the border? Prohibited. On Tuesday, Donald Trump is expected to also end Barack Obama's DACA amnesty program.

The Presdident is doing what he can. The GOP, however, is actively trying to stop him.

What we've seen over the past seven months is that practically everything the GOP establishment promised the American people was a lie. They promised to take this country back. What we've seen is that they only want to give it away!

A week ago, we learned that Paul Ryan was planning to force a vote on "clean" budget and debt ceiling bills. This is what Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are demanding. Instead of moving forward with a Conservative agenda, Ryan wants to keep what is left of the Obama-era completely funded. Instead of passing Conservative budget bills, Ryan has teamed up with Democrats to give them exactly what they want. Instead of working to unite the Republican caucus, Ryan wants to rely on Democrats to pass his budget.

With the hurricane in Texas, Paul Ryan now thinks he can get away with this betrayal if he attaches it to a disaster relief bill.

Put a stop to the Paul Ryan surrender budget! Send your message to Congress right now and DEMAND they stop Establishment Republicans from passing Nancy Pelosi's wish list!

Let me just explain what is at stake here.

With Donald Trump about to defund Obama's last remaining amnesty program, Ryan and Co. want to hold disaster relief hostage and force Congress to make Obama's amnesty permanent. So not only does he literally want to give amnesty to illegals, but by refusing to build the wall, he is deliberately keeping the border open to allow even more of them to come here.

Remember Obamacare, the healthcare bill Ryan promised to dismantle? His budget deal with the Democrats would keep it completely funded and prohibit Trump from defunding it.

Planned Parenthood? Even though Paul Ryan campaigned on a promise to remove all federal funding from Planned Parenthood, he agreed with Democrats to keep the country's largest abortion provider funded for another year.

And don't even get me started on the United Nations. Even though we have seen the UN try to undermine American sovereignty on a daily basis, Ryan's deal with the Democrats would sent the United Nations all the money it needs.

It's been seven months since President Trump took office. We have seen seven months of inaction in Congress. Now, after taking a month-long vacation, the RINOs are back and eager to prop up what remains of Obama's legacy!

Tell Congress that elections have consequences! Send your FaxBlast and let them know if they vote for the Ryan-Pelosi surrender budget, they will be voted out!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Paul Ryan is governing the way Nancy Pelosi would. He has refused to hold votes on Conservative legislation, has struck deals to give the Democrats everything they want, and whenever a reporter shoves a microphone in his face, Ryan criticizes the President. If he walks like a Liberal and talks like a Liberal...

The President is doing everything he can to fulfill the promises he made. But he can't do it on his own. He needs your help.

The GOP in Congress think that they can force Trump to pass their liberal agenda. They are going to attach these liberal proposals to Hurricane Harvey relief, hoping that the President will have no choice but to sign Paul Ryan's surrender budget into law.

You CANNOT let that happen!

Paul Ryan spent the last month negotiating this in secret for a reason. He knew if you found out what he was planning - caving to the Democrats' demands - then you would do everything in your power to stop him.

Ryan thinks he is safe. He thinks that he can't be stopped.

Prove him wrong.

Don't let Paul Ryan get away with teaming up with the Democrats! Send your instant FaxBlast and tell Congress that if they vote for the Ryan-Pelosi surrender bill, they will be voted out of office!

Get loud,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily