Fellow Conservative,

We all knew that Obama’s Iran deal was bad. But when we learned that the administration was hiding “side-deals” from the American Congress and people, we knew it had to get worse.

But, we didn’t know the details of Iran’s side deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency. We only knew that it existed and that Obama was hiding it from us.

Well, we now know what’s in the deal and it is just as horrible as we expected.

Obama’s “deal” with Iran covers almost every nuclear facility in Iran, except for the Parchin Military Complex. Here, Iran chose to strike a deal exclusively with the UN and IAEA for “inspections.”

Now, I use that word lightly because we have just learned that inspections of the Parchin complex will be performed exclusively by Iranian inspectors. Obama is going to let Iran self-certify it isn’t building a bomb.

So let’s get this straight… a regime that has already been caught trying to build a nuclear bomb will be allowed to continue enriching uranium and no outside inspectors will be allowed onto this one nuclear site? This is absolute madness!

Demand that Congress vote AGAINST the Iran deal and defund the $88 million of taxpayer money going to the IAEA to put a stop to this madness!

The law requires that Obama submit this side deal to Congress for consideration. He refused to. In fact, he refused to even ask for a copy of it. But now we know the truth. Barack Obama is so eager to build a monument for himself that he would let Iran self-police its nuclear program on this notorious military base.

For the love of God, the Parchin complex is where Iran tests and develops its missile and rocket engines! And Obama is going to just sit back and ignore Iran as it builds a nuclear bomb.

The solution is rather simple. Yes, Congress should vote against the Iran deal, but that won’t change Iran’s side-deal with the IAEA. That’s why it’s called a side-deal.

Every year, you, me, and ever other taxpaying American gives some of our hard earned money to the IAEA. Last year, we gave them $88 million to enforce nuclear non-proliferation. Without this cash, the agency wouldn’t be able to do its job. But here’s the thing: it’s not doing it’s job. Instead of inspecting the facility itself, the IAEA actually inked a deal to let Iran perform self-inspections.

When a felon is released from prison, no matter how rehabilitated he or she may be, there is still always a parole officer who checks in from time to time to make sure he or she hasn’t fallen into the same bad habits.

Could you imagine the chaos of we had sex offenders self-certify that they aren’t hanging around school playgrounds? If we had murderers self-certify that they no longer own a gun? It would be absolute anarchy.

The same applies to Iran. IAEA inspectors have been in the Parchin complex on and off since 2004. There are literally hundreds of pages of documents showing that Iran conducted nuclear bomb work and tests at the Parchin complex. Now, all of a sudden, they’re not allowed to enter and Iran is going to self-certify that it isn’t building nuclear weapons there anymore. IAEA inspectors are going to wait outside the walls of the complex while Iran collects soil samples.

The two top Democrats in the Senate have already come out against Obama’s Iran deal, partially because of these suicidal side-deals. But 23 Senate Democrats have already announced that they will support the Obama/Iran deal. When that number hits 34, then Obama wins.

It is absolutely imperative that you raise your voice right now and demand that Congress vote NO on giving Iran a nuclear weapon and defund the IAEA immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily