Breaking: After weeks of threats, President Trump announced today that the government WILL shutdown if the border wall is not completely funded!

Today, Trump is ordering Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to the Oval Office and demanding full border wall funding. Otherwise, the government will shut down.

Trump has the Freedom Caucus’ support. He has more moderate GOPers like Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham as well.

Conservatives in Congress are ready to make their stand. With Democrats taking over in just days, it truly is now or never for the border wall. Even the Number Two in the House and future Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, is pushing for the border wall.

This morning, President Trump doubled down on his promise. If Congress does not fully fund the border wall, then he will shutdown the government and have the military build it instead.

So why are the other GOP leaders still working with the Democrats?

Paul Ryan announced this past week that getting the border wall is not worth a government shutdown. Mitch McConnell has said that the government shutdown won't happen.

President Trump is doing everything he can to get this done, but the GOP establishment and Democrats are doing everything to stop him!

Don't let them get away with this! Please, tell Congress right now to fully fund the wall and stop this ludicrous plan to give Central American countries more foreign aid instead!

Yesterday, video went viral of caravan migrants crossing the border. Parents were shoving their infant child into a hole under the border fence and illegal aliens on the other side were pulling them through.

We've reached the point where the border has become so porous, even infants can get through the existing fencing...

It has to stop.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have promised Democrats that the border wall will never get built. They don't care about the dangers of open borders. They simply want to deny President Trump a victory by any means necessary.

The establishment is furious that Trump is throwing a wrench in their plans. Originally, the GOP was going to approve 1.6 billion in total border security funding. But their bill would have outlawed border wall construction. Only a small percentage of that funding would have gone to repairing and expanding existing fence.

The reasoning is pretty sinister. The Republican leadership wants to instead increase aid spending to Central and South America. The plan to increase aid to these countries instead of building the wall was originally proposed by Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX) after he got back from a fact finding trip in Central America.

"The 32 billion that would go into a border wall, I'm just even more convinced that it would be better spent with some of these existing programs."

Rep. Hurd made this a pillar of his re-election campaign. Conservatives in his district rebelled, but Hurd was able to narrowly win re-election. That was all the GOP needed to see. Paul Ryan is putting the plan into effect right now!

Don't let the Republicans get away with this sabotage! Tell Congress right now to fully fund the wall or else be removed from office!

This is why the GOP establishment is fighting against Trump's border wall demand. They've already decided to put the funding somewhere else. Instead of building the wall, they want to give billions to the very the Central American countries that were caught helping the caravan!

Remember the Mexican police escort that the caravan got? That was funded using YOUR taxdol.lars.

Remember the border fence between Mexico and Guatemala? Every year, we give Mexico millions to secure its southern border fence. When the caravan showed up, Mexican police stood down and let them all through.

And now the GOP wants to reward them with even more aid funding? NO!

President Trump isn't budging. If Congress does not fund the border wall, then the government will shutdown.

The President understands that this is now or never. Do you?

Years from now, children will learn about this period in US history. They will read in the history books about how brave patriots stood up to the Establishment and demanded a border wall to protect the country.

What do you want those chapters to teach them? Do you want them to learn about how cowards in Congress kept the border unsecured? Or how American sovereignty was restored with the building of a full border wall?

There is a reason that Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham have flipped to supporting the wall. They are getting bombarded by conservatives like you and realize their political futures are on the line.

Now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to push with everything we've got before it's too late!

The GOP is trying to abandon the wall funding for foreign aid instead! Quick, tell Congress right now to fully fund the wall or else be removed from office!

Stop the GOP surrender,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily