President Trump is getting ready to lay all of his cards out on the table. We're hearing from the White House that the President plans to release all of the documents that the Deep State is hiding this week.

Congress tried to get these documents. House Conservatives subpoenaed them all and even convinced Paul Ryan to give Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein an impeachment ultimatum if he didn't comply.

After all of that Rosenstein and the Deep State still refused to comply with these lawful Congressional subpoenas and the documents they did surrender arrived on Capitol Hill heavily redacted.

Paul Ryan promised to allow impeachment votes against Deep State operatives who refused to hand over this evidence, but never intended to let it happen. Rosenstein called Ryan's bluff and now the GOP leadership is ordering Conservatives to stand down on their investigation.

Conservatives in Congress decided to sidestep Ryan entirely and plead directly with the President to order the documents to be released.

Now, Trump is doing just that. But even if he releases the evidence that the Deep State has been hiding, both Ryan and McConnell are refusing to allow Congressional Committees to further their investigations!

Don't let the GOP sweep this under the rug! Send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND they hold every single Deep State official criminally accountable!

It's a total betrayal.

These are the documents that detail how the Obama administration's investigation against the Trump campaign started. They show that the DOJ and FBI relied entirely on the Clinton campaigns opposition research to convince a judge to allow them to spy on the Republican candidate's campaign.

We are talking about evidence that proves the Obama administration lied to the judge about where the "dossier" came from and were able to get a surveillance warrant without even holding a hearing.

Every single surveillance application to the FISA court broke the law. Every single Obama official who signed off on the applications are criminals.

Who are they?

Disgraced former-FBI Director James Comey, who is already under investigation for leaking government documents to the press in order to hurt the President.

Andrew McCabe, who is currently under criminal investigation for lying to federal investigators about leaking to the press. A grand jury was just impaneled in that investigation.

Sally Yates. She was the Obama holdover who refused to defend President Trump's constitutional travel-ban. This rabid anti-Trumper was Acting Attorney General for only 10 days, and yet she signed off on renewal application to let the FBI spy on the President and his allies.

And of course, Rod Rosenstein. This is perhaps the biggest one. Rosenstein was responsible for signing off on at least one of these surveillance warrants. He is also the one who has been refusing to hand the evidence over to Congress.

Why? Because it would implicate him in a crime. These documents prove the entire surveillance effort against Trump was a fraud. 

The Obama administration manufactured evidence. They leaked details from the Clinton campaign's dossier to the press and then used those media articles as evidence in their surveillance applications. That is criminal.

If the documents come out, Rosenstein would be removed from office. 

Paul Ryan is desperate to stop that from happening. He is now actively protecting Rosenstein by issuing a stand down order to Conservatives in Congress. Even when Trump releases the damning evidence, Ryan is trying to bury it!

Help destroy the Deep State! Send your instant message to Congress and ORDER them to file charges against these corrupt and criminal Deep State officials!

The Establishment is begging President Trump not to release this evidence. There is proof that the Obama administration broke the law to spy on the Trump campaign and the GOP just wants to sweep it under the rug. Every time we get smoking gun evidence that can take the Deep State down, the GOP refuses to do anything with it.

The President is moving forward anyway. He is defying the Republican leadership and ordering the White House Counsel's Office to sign off on the release.

But now, he needs your help to make sure Congress uses them to take down the Deep State!

Bust through Ryan's roadblock! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to charge all of these Deep Staters with Criminal Contempt!

Help dismantle the Deep State!did

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily