Literally for months, Congress has been demanding that the Department of Justice hand over the documents that detailed the Obama administration's efforts to spy on the Trump campaign.

First it was over the Obama administration's attempts to wiretap the campaign. The Media claimed that was a lie, but then we learned that the Obama DOJ used the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on Trump aides as if they were foreign spies. We learned that the Obama admin used the Clinton campaign's research to trick a Judge into giving them a secret warrant to spy on Trump's aides.

Congress demanded the documents and the Deep State did everything in their power to block it. Congress actually had to fight to get their report published.

Then, we learned that the Obama administration actually used human intelligence assets -- spies -- to collect information on the Trump campaign. Again, the mainstream media went off claiming that Trump was lying about there being a spy. But even they admit that the Obama administration used "confidential informants" to spy on the campaign.

Again, Congress subpoenaed the documents and the Deep State has been stringing them along. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein -- the man in charge of overseeing the Mueller probe -- received the subpoena and agreed to hand over the documents.

Well, Rosenstein just changed his mind. He's refusing to comply with the subpoena. He will let Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a few other establishment leaders look at the documents, but that's not what the subpoena demands. They are deliberately trying to block Conservatives from seeing the evidence.

We reported last month that the Freedom Caucus has already drafted articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein. Ryan and the GOP begged them to hold off and give the Deep Stater a chance to comply.

Now that the Deep State has shown their hand, Conservatives are demanding that impeachment begin right now!

Drag him out! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to impeach Rod Rosenstein and the rest of the Deep State obstructionists!

Conservatives are no longer staying silent. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) has now come out and demanded impeachment.

He was asked, point blank, whether it was time to impeach Rod Rosenstein now that he has flat-out refused to comply with the subpoena.

"Yes, I have no problem with that. Yeah, I think he is engaged in conduct that is at such a level that it constitutes a breach of trust which is the common definition of high crime and misdemeanor."

Mark Meadows of the Freedom Caucus is onboard as well, declaring that it is "time to hold DOJ officials in Contempt of Congress."

It's not just the Freedom Caucus that is pushing this. Chairman Devin Nunes is also on board. The President is on board as well.

The DOJ just openly defied a Congressional subpoena. Now is the time to strike!

Help take down the deep state! Please, tell Congress right now to hold ALL of these DOJ Deep Staters in Contempt of Congress and remove them from office!

We have the support of the Freedom Caucus. We have the support of the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. And we have the support of the President of the United States.

And now we have a cut and dry reason to purge these Deep Staters from office.

Just so we know who we are dealing with. Rod Rosenstein wrote the letter behind the firing of James Comey. He wrote the recommendation to Donald Trump to fire him. Rosenstein is now overseeing the Mueller probe and we just learned he is a chief witness in Mueller's obstruction of justice case against the President. 

Now that Congress is exercising its constitutional oversight and demanding documents, Rosenstein is refusing.

This man believes he is more powerful than both the President of the United States and Congress. He is literally the definition of abuse of power. If he is impeached, it would give the President the power to appoint a replacement. That man would then take over the management of the Mueller probe.

The articles of impeachment against him have been drafted. Now that the subpoena has been defied, the head of a Congressional committee has promised to schedule the vote.

We have all the momentum. Paul Ryan is begging us to stop what we're doing. He wants to protect Rosenstein and the Deep State to allow them to keep trying to take the President down.

We can't afford to miss this opening. We have a chance right now to blow the DOJ/FBI cover-up wide open and put a stop to the Deep State's witch hunt against President Trump. 

If you won't fight to purge the Deep State, who will?

Please, tell Congress right now that they MUST remove every single Deep State official who has defied Congressional subpoenas to protect Mueller's witch hunt!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily