We all know that Paul Ryan is a coward and a traitor. Little by little, Republicans have come forward and revealed just how spineless Ryan is. Mainly, the revelations stem from how Paul Ryan turned his back on then-candidate Trump and tried to sabotage his campaign.

Many in Congress were willing to keep Ryan's secret when it looked like he was willing support the President's agenda. Now that we've seen 212 straight days on inaction, they are starting to turn on him.

Texas Representative Louie Gohmert came out this weekend and blew the whistle on Ryan's betrayal. We already knew that Ryan admitted he would never support Trump or his policies, but he actually went even further than that. He told members of Congress to prepare to live with a Hillary Clinton Presidency...

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That's right, when the election was down to the wire, not only did Paul Ryan tell the rest of his party to abandon the President, but he told them to learn to live with Clinton as President and commit to holding her accountable.

Rep. Gohmert lashed out at Ryan, asking him "are you crazy? You haven't held anyone accountable. You haven't even let us hold the IRS Commissioner Accountable." That's right. The only reason that Obama's criminal IRS Commissioner still has a job is because Ryan blocked his impeachment vote.

Gohmert went on a tirade during an interview this week, criticizing Ryan for sabotaging the Obamacare repeal, blocking Concealed Carry Reciprocity, and refusing to pass the President's agenda.

He put it plainly: "We don't want to go down as the generation that was fine with making the future for our kids much worse than we had it."

That is why Paul Ryan and the other RINOs must be purged from leadership positions. They were perfectly content with having Hillary Clinton as President. They were actually excited about it. Honestly ask yourself, has Congress done anything under Trump that they wouldn't have also done if Hillary had won?

The answer is "no." It's time to clean house!

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Today marks exactly seven months since Trump took the oath of office. Honestly, Paul Ryan couldn't be happier. Somehow, he has been able to go 212 days without passing the President's agenda and still managed to hold onto power.

He thinks the people are too stupid to see what he's doing and believes the other Republicans in Congress are too afraid to fight back.

But he's wrong on both counts. The American people are starting to fight back and Congress is starting to find its backbone.

Congressman Gohmert has finally had enough. What about you?

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Kick them to the curb!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily