By now, it is no longer a secret. Illegal aliens are gaming the system at the US-Mexico border to try to force their way into our country. They deliberately try to get caught so they can file fraudulent asylum claims. You see, United Nations officials and other liberal NGOs are on the ground in Mexico coaching illegal aliens on exactly what they need to say in order to force Border Patrol agents to let them in.

They show up to border checkpoints with scripts and literally read off pre-written statements claiming to be "fleeing targeted violence" and "in fear for their lives."

When Trump implemented his Remain in Mexico policy -- forcing illegal aliens to return to Mexico while they wait for their court dates -- the United Nations was furious. They complained up and down that the Trump administration was violating the law and infringing on the "migrants'" human rights... And you can understand why the UN would be frustrated. For years, they have been helping illegal aliens get into the United States. As migrant caravans marched through Central America, the United Nations was actually caught buying them buses so that they could reach the US border even faster. I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating it would be for the Globalists to be shut down by Trump's America First policy.

So, when the 9th Circuit briefly overturned Trump's Remain in Mexico policy late last week, we were shocked to see migrants immediately start lining up at border checkpoints to once again try to force their way in. And when the Trump administration was forced to close the checkpoint in El Paso to stop hundreds of migrants from rushing the border, it all felt extremely coordinated.

We now know that these same globalist UN officials played a role in last week's border rush. And they are trying this around the globe.

Last week, Greece announced that it was suspending all asylum admissions and closing its borders to Middle Eastern refugees. Considering the threat of the Coronavirus, this makes complete sense. The best way to control the pandemic is with secure borders.

But the United Nations refused to let Greece suspend their asylum program, claiming that the Greeks had "no right" to close their borders. The United Nations is now forcing Greece to continue accepting refugees and keep their borders open.

This is what they want to do in the United States. The same UN officials are already condemning Trump and beginning their push to force us to open our borders as well. And they are doing all of this using YOUR taxd ollars!

Stop the United Nations from forcing Trump to reopen the borders! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass H.R. 204 and pull the plug on the UN's funding once and for all!

This is what is so ridiculous. The United Nations is using American funding to try to force President Trump to open the borders and let all of the illegal aliens in...

Democrats slipped this funding into the last spending package and the GOP didn't put up a fight to try to remove it. And now the UN is using it to try to roll back Trump's most successful immigration policy.

Why are we sending the UN any money? Why are we paying into an organization that openly and unapologetically uses those funds to try to chip away at our sovereignty?

Congressman Mike Rogers (R-AL) has a bill, and it is one of my favorite pieces of legislation. It is called the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 204). This bill is extremely simple: It would cut ALL funding to the United Nations and its affiliated agencies. It would make it a crime to send them even a cent. The only funding that would be allowed would be to withdraw our personnel and equipment from UN facilities.

But it doesn't stop there. It would revoke the "diplomatic immunity" that UN officials enjoy in the United States, force the UN to start paying to keep their headquarters in New York, and ensure that American troops are NEVER again commanded by UN officials.

Every time that we send the United Nations funding, they use it take shots at us. Every single time.

As you read this, the United Nations is still trying to hire a US-based expert in civilian disarmament in order to lead the UN's gun control efforts. UN officials are on the ground in Central America trying to help illegal aliens figure out a way to game the system and get into our country and the United Nations is working with China and Russia on a new internet treaty that would crack down on free speech online.

The United Nations is simply incompatible with our constitution and our values. We have known this for a while.

So why are we still funding them???

Rep. Rogers' bill would pull the United Nations' funding... all of it.

But he needs your help to force the vote!

The United Nations is trying to force Trump to reopen the border! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass H.R. 204 and pull the plug on the UN's funding once and for all!

Believe it or not, this issue has bipartisan support. Amazingly, Chuck Schumer is one of the most outspoken Democrat critics of UN funding. He opposes sending the UN any more funding because of how they discriminate against Israel.

There are tons of reasons to defund the United Nations -- their Israeli policy, gun control initiatives, refusal to let Trump leave their radical climate change treaty, efforts to flood the border with illegal aliens, or free speech crackdowns.

But the fact remains that the UN needs to be defunded and it needs to happen now!

We have the bill that would finally pull the plug. Now it is time to force the vote!

Don't let the UN Globalists force Trump to reopen the border! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass H.R. 204 and pull the plug on the UN's funding for good!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily