For months, we have been pressuring Congress to hold the Deep State accountable for their crimes. Conservatives in the House were finally able to pressure the GOP leadership into launching an investigation.

The House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the DOJ and FBI to hand over all of their records involving both the handling of the Clinton investigation and the origin of the Trump-Russia witch hunt.

The deadline to hand over those documents was this past week. No surprise, the DOJ simply ignored the subpoenas. That led President Trump to weigh in on Twitter yesterday morning:

"Lawmakers of the House Judiciary Committee are angrily accusing the Department of Justice of missing the Thursday deadline for turning over unredacted documents relating to FISA abuse, FBI, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, Clinton Emails, and much more. Slow waking - what is going on?... What does the Department of Justice and FBI have to hide? Why aren't they giving the strongly requested documents to the House Judiciary Committee? Stalling, but for what reason? Not looking good!"

Donald Trump is the chief executive. He controls the DOJ and FBI. Theoretically, all it should take is for Trump to pick up the phone and demand they turn over the documents. 

Trump tried that and the swamp creatures in the Deep State are refusing to obey the order. When Jeff Sessions recused himself and handed over the reins to Rod Rosenstein, Trump lost all control over his department.

Now, Conservatives in Congress are moving forward with impeaching Rosenstein. Congressman Mark Meadows is leading the charge to hold Rosenstein accountable.

"Rod Rosenstein can call Michael Horowitz, who has the documents, and say just give them to Congress," Meadows explained over the weekend. "If he doesn't do that... there is a growing consensus of holding them in Contempt of Congress, but it's not enough to stop there. We have to have someone willing to do the job. It the Deputy Attorney General is not willing to do it and not willing to allow us to have our Constitutional oversight authority supported, then we'll find someone who can."

He is talking about impeachment. This is a huge step!

Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to hold Rod Rosenstein in contempt and impeach him for covering up the Deep State's crimes!

Meadows continued by explaining that the number of Congressmen supporting impeaching Rosenstein is growing if he continues to withhold the documents. "One of the things we have in our toolbox is impeachment."

When Sessions recused himself, he gave Rosenstein control over the Trump-Russia witch hunt. What we have seen since then is a gross abuse of power in the DOJ. Jeff Sessions only recused himself on issues related to Russia and the 2016 campaign. Yet, Rosenstein has given Robert Mueller the authority to charge Trump's aides for any crimes he discovers. 

The result is that Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager, is being prosecuted for incorrectly applying for a home mortgage a decade ago.

The Mueller investigation has completely jumped the rails. The Trump campaign didn't collude with the Russians and Mueller knows that. So, he is desperately trying to find something to justify his investigation's existence.

It was Rosenstein who recommended to President Trump that James Comey be fired. Now, Rosenstein has authorized Mueller to investigate whether Trump broke the law and "obstructed justice" when he fired Comey. The whole thing is BS.

Conservatives in Congress see what is going on. They have subpoenaed the DOJ and demanded all of the documents. Rosenstein is now trying to cover it up by refusing to hand them over.

It is time for him to be removed!

 Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to hold Rod Rosenstein in contempt and impeach him for covering up the Deep State's crimes!

Rosenstein controls the Mueller investigation. Firing him would not only end the cover-up, but it would give President Trump the authority to nominate a replacement. That replacement would then decide whether Mueller should be shutdown.

Members of Congress are now drafting articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein. This is a big deal.

For the first time, Conservatives in Congress are actually fighting back against the Deep State. 

We have a chance, right now, to not only blow the Hillary Clinton email investigation wide open, but also to end the Deep State's witch hunt against President Trump. This sham investigation has forced Trump to play defense for the past 16 months. Now, we have a real opportunity to put an end to all of this!

Do not let this opportunity pass us by!

Please, send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to hold Rod Rosenstein in contempt and impeach him for covering up the Deep State's crimes!