President Trump has officially given the Department of Homeland Security the authority to close the entire US-Mexico border -- turn away all attempted border crossers -- if the Caravan tries to rush the border with a human stampede.

Yesterday, hundreds of caravan migrants tried to do just that. They rushed the border at the San Ysidro checkpoint and got within 500 feet of succeeding. Luckily, Border Patrol agents arrived armed to the teeth and were able to shut down the entire checkpoint for about an hour, prompting the migrants to retreat.

This is the second time in a week that the San Ysidro border crossing has been forced to completely shut down because of an impending caravan invasion. With President Trump's latest order, if this keeps deteriorating, the entire border will be closed. No one gets in at all.

Paul Ryan and other GOP traitors are furious. They spoke with the President and ordered him to keep the border wide open. President Trump's response?

If Congress doesn't include full border security funding in the next spending package (due by the December 7th), not only will President Trump close the border, but he will also veto whatever they send him and shut down most of the Federal government!

The caravan is rushing the border! Don't let the GOP block Trump's border security plan. Send your instant letter to Congress now and DEMAND they fully secure the border and fund the wall... or else! 

The military would be protected from a shutdown, as would the Department of Health and Human Services. Both already have their 2019 funding secured. But most everything else in the Federal government would be shutdown.

This is the President's last card to play.

President Trump threatened both Mexico and the United Nations with budget cuts if they didn't stop the caravan. Even after Mexico and the UN began helping the caravan, Obama holdovers at the State Department refuse to carry out the cuts. The budget bill that Paul Ryan is pushing would restore all of the funding.

The President then ordered active duty military to the border. He authorized them to use all force necessary to push back the caravan and if they are attacked, Trump told them to use lethal force. With the caravan preparing to rush the border, careerists in the Pentagon have already started withdrawing the troops and the soldiers that remain are being disarmed.

President Trump signed an executive order requiring that all asylum applications be made at ports of entry. This was supposed to stop the caravan from crossing the open border in the middle of nowhere. But an Obama judge stepped in and overturned the executive order, telling the caravan they can illegally cross the US border wherever they want.

All of this is happening because Congress refuses to act. Paul Ryan is looking at the calendar and is trying to run out the clock. He knows that if he can stop a border security package from passing, Nancy Pelosi will take over in January and the border will remain wide open for at least the next two years.

That has always been what this was about. Paul Ryan has blocked border wall funding no less than 8 times over the past two years. If he can do it one more time, he can retire knowing he killed President Trump's immigration agenda.

The caravan is going to rush the border. They're calling it a "human stampede."

Only Congress can pass the President's border security bill and only YOU can force them to do it! Send your instant and letter to Congress now and force them to pass Pres. Trump's immigration bill NOW!

President Trump is already preparing to issue the order. He will close the entire US-Mexico border if the caravan tries to rush the checkpoint. 

The GOP is furious and demanding that Trump give up. The President, on the contrary, is doubling down and threatening a government shutdown if Congress tries to block the border wall project again.

This is all coming to a head. The future of our nation will be decided over the next two weeks. Either we will be a country with borders that enforces our immigration laws, or we will surrender our sovereignty to the hordes of migrants trying to tear down our gates.

Congress must pass a government spending package by December 7th. Please, do not let Ryan and the GOP block the President's border security plan!

The caravan is trying to rush the border! Please, send your instant and letter to Congress and DEMAND they pass a full border security bill and give Trump everything he needs to stop the caravan from entering!

Don't let them in,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily