This week, Nancy Pelosi hopped on a plane, flew across the country from Washington DC to San Francisco to get a hair cut. The problem? Hair salons are not allowed to serve the public indoors. California and San Francisco both say it is too dangerous for hair salons to service the public. Nancy Pelosi, however, thinks she is special. She thinks she is more important than everyone else.

But Nancy Pelosi also openly flouted the city and state's mask requirements. After months of scolding President Trump for not wearing a mask (even though there has never been a need because everyone in the room with him gets tested), Pelosi was just caught illegally getting a haircut without wearing a mask.

Frankly, everyone should be allowed to get their hair cut. It is ludicrous that Democrat politicians were allowed to force businesses to shut down in the first place. But Nancy Pelosi supports the lockdowns... for everyone except for her.

It is disgusting, but let's be clear. This is just the last straw. Pelosi's actions over the past months prove she is unfit to serve in any capacity and must be removed as Speaker of the House!

Remove Nancy Pelosi now! Rise up and tell Congress right now that they MUST remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House for her many crimes against the American people!

In March and June, Nancy Pelosi unapologetically blocked coronavirus assistance from reaching President Trump's desk. On both occasions, she demanded that Trump and Republicans agree to pass the Left's radical amendments.

When Trump and the GOP advanced a bill to save American jobs and livelihoods, Nancy Pelosi demanded that they agree to increase foreign aid as well. When Republicans pushed to give cities and states funding to handle the first wave of cases, Pelosi demanded a 25 million bailout for the Kennedy Center (which promptly laid off its musicians after receiving the funding). When Republicans rallied in late June to extend the Paycheck Protection Program, Pelosi again tried to use the bill as an opportunity to push through unrelated Leftist policy proposals.

Now, as Republicans again try to pass a clean Covid relief bill, Pelosi is again playing politics with American lives and livelihoods. She is refusing to even negotiate until Republicans agree to pass things like universal mail-in voting, fraudulent ballot harvesting, 1 trillion in no-strings-attached bailout funds for liberal cities and states, and even amnesty for illegal aliens. Pelosi is trying to use Americans' pain as leverage to advance her radical agenda. It is shameful.

There hasn't been a single month this year when Pelosi didn't do something that justified her immediate removal from office. In December, she violated the Logan Act by attending the UN's Climate Treaty Conference in Europe. The Trump administration has withdrawn and refused to send a delegation. Pelosi took it upon herself not only to represent the US (without State Department approval), but she also told world leaders to ignore Trump and negotiate with her instead.

In January, Pelosi advanced sham impeachment articles, presiding over the first time in American history that a President was impeached for non-crimes, without a single member of the President's party crossing over to support the articles. Then, after impeaching the President, refused to transmit the articles to the Senate for weeks, not only violating her own constitutional obligations but also violating the President's right to a speedy trial.

Then, during a State of the Union Address where Donald Trump warned Americans about the coronavirus, Nancy Pelosi - on live television - ripped her copy of the speech up and tossed it in the trash. Her despicable actions also arguably violated the Federal Records Act, since that official copy of the speech could be considered a public document.

The list goes on and on and on... But with Pelosi's actions this week, enough is enough.

Nancy Pelosi has proven that she cannot be trusted to execute her oath of office because she refuses to put country over party. Pelosi must be removed from office and it is up to YOU to demand it!

Remove Nancy Pelosi now! Rise up and tell Congress right now that they MUST remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House for her many crimes against the American people!

Democrats are not happy with Pelosi. There are dozens of vulnerable Democrats, up for re-election in red and pro-Trump districts, who are furious at Pelosi. She forced them to vote for impeachment and has now largely abandoned them to answer for how far left the party has shifted.

Other Democrats are furious that Pelosi has politicized the pandemic and held up important aid bills in order to get ridiculous, unrelated spending passed into law.

If Nancy Pelosi's speakership was put to a vote again right now, she would not win. She would lose.

Pelosi doesn't have the honor or dignity to step down. She has to be removed, and it is up to YOU to force the vote!

Remove Nancy Pelosi now! Quick, you need to rise up and tell Congress right now that they MUST remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House for her many crimes against the American people!

She must go,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily