The GOP leadership is using the Virginia Beach shooting as an excuse to tuck tail and run away from one of their biggest pro-gun campaign promises...

Republicans love to make promises around election time. In 2016, one of the promises was that the GOP would shepherd through the Hearing Protection Act.

This bill would remove firearm suppressors from the purview of the National Firearms Act of 1934.

The Hearing Protection Act (HR 155) would revise the National Firearms Act of 1934 and remove suppressors/silencers from the NFA’s purview.

I bought a suppressor a couple of years ago. I sent my paperwork into the ATF along with a two-hundred-dollars and waited 11 months for the ATF to approve me. What did they do in those 11 months? They ran a background check that takes gun stores 15-30 minutes. 

The National Firearms Act of 1934 is outdated. It was designed to make suppressor ownership as difficult as possible. The fee was created to stop the poor and middle class from owning these safety items. Back then, 200 had the same buying power as almost four-grand in today’s money.

The Hearing Protection Act would regulate suppressors the same as firearms bought from gun stores. Purchasers would still have to pass a background check, but it would be performed instantly at a licensed firearm dealer as opposed to waiting 8-12 months for the ATF to do it. And instead of paying 200 to the ATF, the bill would allow gun owners to do it for $10 at their local gun store.

The bill was poised to pass last year, but coward Paul Ryan pulled it from the legislative calendar. He said the "timing wasn't right" to push through pro-gun bills. Conservatives are still fighting to force the Hearing Protection Act into a piece of must-pass legislation this year, but word just came down from the GOP leadership that the bill is now dead.

Why? The Virginia Beach shooter allegedly used a suppressor on one of his pistols.

The GOP is gun owners! Send your urgent message to Congress right now and DEMAND they pass the Hearing Protection Act immediately and kill the Democrats' new gun ban bills!

If the reporting is correct, this is the first high-profile suppressor crime in decades.  And that is enough to send these GOP cowards running...

Suppressors aren't magic. They don't make firearms silent.  Leftists, however, want you to believe that a suppressor "silences" a gunshot.

The fact of the matter is that a suppressor reduces a gunshot by around 20-35 decibels. A .45 caliber bullet, like the ones used in the Virginia Beach shooting, produce an approximately 130 decibel gunshot when fired through a suppressor. For comparison, an air raid siren operates at 135 decibels and is designed to be heard from miles away. A suppressed .45 caliber bullet has the acoustic intensity of more than one hundred car horns being pressed at once or more than ten chainsaws running at once...There is nothing "silent" about a suppressor.

The main purpose of a suppressor is to protect a gun owner's hearing. In Europe, where gun control laws are strict, suppressors are unregulated. They are seen as a common courtesy so that neighbors don't have to hear hunters or sportsmen shooting outside.

Hundreds of thousands of gun owners use suppressors to hunt and target shoot without hurting anyone. And now one shooting is apparently enough to pressure the Republican establishment to tuck tail and run...

Democrats, however, are demanding more. They want the GOP to agree to a complete nationwide ban on suppressors. There are two anti-suppressor proposals being pushed. The first would mimic the Firearm Owner Protection Act of 1986 and close the civilian suppressor registry, banning Americans from buying any new suppressors. The other proposal would ban suppressors that are already owned, turning hundreds of thousands of Americans into felons in the process.

This is what Democrats are pushing and they are already starting to convince Republican lawmakers...

Stop the surrender! Send your urgent message to Congress and DEMAND they pass the Hearing Protection Act immediately and kill the Democrats' new gun ban bills!

We are already seeing Republicans abandoning their pro-gun positions and embracing the Left's gun control agenda. 

The Left already has all of their gun control bills drafted and waiting in the wings. They wait for high profile tragedies and then use them to push their agenda.

It isn't enough to just stop the Hearing Protection Act... Many Democrats are now demanding that Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell help them ban suppressors all together!

You have watched over the past year as Republicans abandoned their pro-gun positions and signed onto the Left's radical agenda to save their political careers. Marco Rubio ran for President promising to veto gun control bills and now he is a lead co-sponsor on multiple gun ban and confiscation bills. Democrats are picking the GOP off one-by-one and getting even closer to being able to pass these radical bans.

This is happening right now and hundreds of thousands of innocent gun owners are in the crosshairs!

Don't let the GOP stab you in the back!

Fight back before it's too late! Send your urgent message to Congress right now and DEMAND they pass the Hearing Protection Act immediately and kill the Democrats' new gun ban bills!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily