On Sunday morning, President Trump released a statement demanding that the DOJ and FBI investigate the Deep State Obama officials who were literally spying on his 2016 campaign.

Trump demanded a criminal investigation from the DOJ. Jeff Sessions apparently has decided that he doesn't want to get involved with that either, so the order fell on Rod Rosenstein's desk. Instead of obeying President Trump's orders, Rosenstein decided instead to give it to the Inspector General, a man with no prosecutorial powers whatsoever.

This is the same Inspector General who has been investigating the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation for almost two years and still hasn't released his final report.

That is why Rosenstein gave him the case. He knows that it'll be tied up there for months, if not years, and if he actually does find crimes, he won't be able to do anything about it.

The Deep State is circling the wagons and trying to protect their own.

Trump just put in a call with Congressional conservatives. He is demanding that they take over this investigation.

The simple truth is the Deep State cannot be trusted to investigate itself. We saw what happened when the Obama administration investigated itself. Criminals like Lois Lerner and Eric Holder got to walk.

But now, we have a chance to end this cycle. A handful of Conservative Congressmen and Senators are answering the President's call.

Declare war on the Deep State! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to take over this investigation right now!

Devin Nunes came out today and declared that the Obama administration crossed a red line by spying on the Trump campaign.

"It any of that is true, if they ran a spy ring or an informant ring and they were paying people within the Trump campaign, if any of that is true... it's over with," Nunes warned.

But right now, the GOP leadership is blocking this investigation from moving ahead. They want Nunes and other Conservatives to stand down and let the FBI and intelligence agencies investigate themselves.

President Trump issued the demand for these Deep State actors to be investigated and prosecuted. Now that we know Rosenstein and the FBI are trying to bury it, he is asking Congress to take the reins. 

If you do anything today, please, join our FaxBlast campaign and help us bury Congress in faxes demanding that they launch a full investigation and start prosecuting these Deep State traitors!

Don't let the establishment bury this! Send your instant message to Congress now and DEMAND that they launch a full investigation into these Deep State crimes!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily