For months, we have been leading the assault against the Deep State, exposing their crimes and pressuring Congress to act against him.

On almost a weekly basis, we have received emails from people accusing us of making this all up. They claim that the Deep State doesn't exist.

Yesterday, we were given undeniable proof of its existence.

The New York Times decided to publish an anonymous op-ed from a "Senior Trump Administration Official" who considers himself part of "the Resistance." This rat is not only actively undermining the President's conservative agenda, but also pushing behind the scenes for Trump to be removed from office under the 25th Amendment. This is treason.

Trump immediately punched back, not only accusing this Deep State operative of treason but also demanding the New York Times hand him over to law enforcement.

But Trump is doing something even more remarkable today. He is just hours away from releasing all of the classified documents pertaining to the Deep State's witch hunt against his campaign; The same documents that the Deep State has hidden from Congress.

All of the lies that have made up the foundation of the phony Russia investigation are about to become public. And what is the GOP doing? They are shamefully rushing to stop the President and protect the Deep State operatives!

Tear the Deep State down! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to investigate and prosecute these Deep State criminals immediately!

This week, we learned something truly unbelievable. When the Obama administration submitted the application to spy on the Trump campaign, there wasn't even a hearing before the FISA judge.

That's right... there wasn't even a hearing. Not only did the Obama administration officials -- namely, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Rod Rosenstein -- lie to the judge about where the "dossier" came from (the Clinton campaign), but they got a warrant to spy on an opponent's political campaign without the judge even holding a hearing on it.

Trump is absolutely furious and this was the final straw.

Both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have issued stand down orders. They are refusing to allow Conservatives to investigate any of this.

Congress has subpoenaed these records and Paul Ryan himself gave Rod Rosenstein a deadline to hand them over, otherwise he would face impeachment. That deadline came and went... almost two months ago. Ryan has since refused to let Congress hold these Deep State criminals accountable.

We know why Rosenstein has fought like crazy to stop Congress from getting these documents. They prove the entire surveillance warrant that launched the Trump-Russia investigation was a fraud.

Lying to Congress is a crime. Defying a Congressional subpoena is a crime. Deliberately misleading a Federal judge is a crime. All of these are punishable with prison time.

Conservatives in the Freedom Caucus -- namely Reps. Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows -- are holding a press conference today urging Pres. Trump to declassify the evidence of the Deep State's crime. Trump hinted yesterday that he was going to do just that, but even if the documents are released, the RINOs are still refusing to let Congress do anything about it.

Paul Ryan is covering for these deep state criminals. He is literally protecting them.

 Send your instant letter to Congress right now and DEMAND that they charge all of these Deep State criminals!

In just hours, we will have the evidence of the Deep State's crimes. However, the Establishment will still be standing in the way of justice.

President Trump is doing all of the hard work. A month ago, Trump declassified a FISA document that proved, without a doubt, that Peter Strzok lied to Congress under oath. Trump has him dead-to-rights

Paul Ryan himself ordered Congressional committees to ignore Strzok's perjury.

Trump is now preparing to release all of the withheld Deep State documents, but he needs YOUR help to bust through Ryan and McConnell's blockade!

It is up to you to force Congress to take action!

Prosecute them all! Tell Congress right now that they MUST go after these Deep State traitors and hold them in Criminal Contempt, or else!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily