When President Trump won the Presidency, he did something amazingly gracious. He offered to let Clinton and Obama off the hook for their crimes so we, as a country, could focus on moving forward.

But unbeknownst to Donald Trump, Clinton and Obama had already green-lit the witch hunt against him. Hillary Clinton and her campaign funded the fake news dossier and the Obama White House oversaw the witch hunt in its early days.

Yes, that bit about the Obama White House is 100% true.

Remember Lisa Page? The FBI lawyer who was having an affair with anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok? Who was in the room when Strzok and Andrew McCabe discussed the "insurance policy" against Trump?

Page texted McCabe in October of 2016 that they were moving forward with Trump-Russia investigation, but that the Obama White House wanted to be briefed first.

"Just called," Page said to McCabe. "Apparently the DAG [Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates] now wants to be there, and the White House wants DOJ to host. So we are setting that up now."

Three days later, Page texted McCabe again that the "meeting with WH counsel is finally set up."

From the very beginning, the Obama White House was supervising the FBI's sham investigation into Donald Trump. We know Obama's own Attorney General ordered the FBI to stand down during the Clinton investigation. That literally happened. Now we know that they were interfering to try to destroy Donald Trump as well!

The President is done trying to turn the other cheek. Trump just gave the green light to investigate and prosecute these Obama and Clinton criminals!

Lock them all up! Send your instant message to Congress now and FORCE them to investigate and prosecute all of these Obama and Clinton criminals before time runs out!

Robert Mueller submitted his report to the Department of Justice this week and recommended no additional indictments. That means that, after all of this, no American will face criminal charges for "colluding" with the Russians.

For all of the lies spewed by the media and Democrat Party, Robert Mueller didn't charge ANYONE with collusion. The whole thing was a farce.

Now, President Trump and his allies in Congress are fighting back.

This weekend, Senator Lindsey Graham confirmed that he is launching a new investigation into all of this, including the Obama administration's interference and 'stand down' order in the Clinton investigation and the Obama White House's involvement in pushing the sham dossier!

Mueller ended his investigation without any "collusion" indictments against Trump or his allies. Now, Conservatives are punching back and launching criminal investigations into all of the Democrat crimes that Mueller uncovered, but refused to prosecute.

But even now, Republican leadership is still trying to protect the Obama and Clinton criminals and refusing to let Graham move forward.

You MUST fight back and make sure these Obama and Clinton criminals get what they deserve!

 Lock them all up! Please, send your instant message to Congress now and FORCE them to investigate and prosecute all of these Obama and Clinton criminals before time runs out!

Now we get to go on offense...

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily