Paul Ryan has approved the final language of the budget bill that the House is set to vote on tomorrow. It will include 1.3 trillion in spending, the second largest spending bill in American history.

And the legislation is a complete betrayal.

Ryan's bill completely funds sanctuary cities.

Ryan's bill completely funds Planned Parenthood.

Ryan's bill BLOCKS a border wall from being built.

This is what surrender looks like!

Stop the Ryan surrender! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they hold the line: Build the wall and defund sanctuary cities and Planned Parenthood!

Let me tell you what Paul Ryan and the Establishment Republicans are hoping for.

They are hoping that Democrats retake one of the chambers this year. Ryan and McConnell want nothing more than to be able to give up on President Trump's promises. Democrats retaking the House or Senate, or even making significant gains, would allow these cowards to throw up the white flag for good.

If Democrats win this in November, there will be no border wall and Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities will continue to receive taxpayer funding.

It could very well be now or never.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell know this. They know that if they can just stall one more time and block Trump's agenda from being added to this budget, they could get off without ever having to approve a border wall.

The White House met with Congressional Democrats and offered an even trade: legal status (no citizenship) for Obama's illegals in return for wall funding. The Democrats said no. They're willing to wait a few more months and see if they can get what they want without a border wall.

This is your moment. This is the moment that the history books will right about.

Future generations will learn about this moment. What do you want the history textbooks to teach them?

Will you let these cowards stall and keep the border wide open? Planned Parenthood and sanctuary cities fully funded? Or will you rise up and demand action?

Please, whatever it takes: Rise up now!

Tell Congress this is unacceptable! Send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress fund the wall and defund sanctuary cities and planned parenthood!