Two days ago, I warned that the GOP was going to try to rush through a gun confiscation package the likes of which the country has never seen. I regret to inform you that I was right.

Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) -- the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee -- announced that he will allow the GOP's 'red flag' gun confiscation bill to have a hearing. The date for the hearing has been set for the end of this month.

Graham announced that he thinks there is "common ground" on the gun control bill and that both Republicans and Democrats will come together to pass the disarmament package. Not only that, but the South Carolina Senator said that he has spoken with Trump about the bill and that the President is on board!

The legislation -- formally filed as Senate Bill 7 -- would use federal funds to help states implement Extreme Risk Protection Orders, also known as Red Flag orders, to confiscate firearms from people who are turned into police.

Except under these new laws, the gun owners don't have to be mentally ill and they don't even need to be accused of committing a crime to have their weapons taken away. Police would be able to confiscate guns based on nothing but the hearsay of a disgruntled family member or friend.

If you had an argument with a neighbor, they would be able to turn you into police simply by saying they think you might be dangerous. A judge would then be allowed to confiscate your guns and suspend your 2nd Amendment rights for up to a year, all without even hearing your side of the story.

That is what happened to 61-year-old Gary Willis in Maryland last year. An angry family member wanted to 'get back' at him after an argument and told police that he needed to have his guns taken away. Officers showed up to his door at 5 am one morning and demanded he surrender all of his firearms. When he refused, a struggle ensued and he was shot dead in his doorway. To this day, Willis has not been accused of breaking any law.

This monstrosity of a bill is being sponsored by Marco Rubio and Susan Collins. Now, they have Lindsey Graham's support in the Judiciary Committee. You must fight back before it's too late!

Don't let Graham and the GOP surrender your rights! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill S. 7 and any other gun control bill that the Republicans try to push through committee!

We all know someone who has been through a messy break-up or divorce. We have all seen how petty family members and spiteful neighbors can be. Imagine the chaos if they all of a sudden got the right to have someone's guns taken away.

I've told the story before, but I'll briefly tell it again. Growing up, my uncle went through a nasty divorce. Long story short, his wife fabricated that he had been threatening her -- without any evidence -- and the judge ordered all of my uncle's collectible guns to be taken into police custody. At the end of the proceedings, when the judge was dividing up the assets, he awarded the gun collection to the wife, who promptly sold them all out of spite. All these years later, he still has trouble passing a background check if he tries to buy a gun. He was never even charged with a crime. It was all he said-she said.

This is what the GOP bill would bring nationwide. Instead of police and prosecutors having to prove that someone is mentally ill or broke the law in order to suspend their 2nd Amendment rights, the burden of proof would be completely shifted. It would be up to gun owners to prove to a judge, after the guns have already been taken away, that they deserve to have their rights back. The gun owner wouldn't even be invited to the ex parte hearing where the confiscation order is first debated.

Forget about innocent until proven guilty... Red Flag laws make gun owners guilty until proven innocent. If you have to prove to someone that you deserve the right to keep and bear arms, then is isn't really a right, is it?

That is the Left's ultimate goal: to transform the 2nd Amendment into a privilege instead of a right. When something is a privilege, then the government can impose all of the limitations it wants. I used to live in the People's Republik of New Jersey. This past month, their Governor -- Phil Murphy -- lamented that it costs people more to register a pet dog than it does to apply for a pistol permit. As if the inherent right to self-defense was anywhere close to pet ownership... He claimed that gun ownership should simply be more expensive. Not for any particular reason, just to punish that state's gun owners...

But that is truly how the Left sees gun ownership. They want you to have to prove why you need to own a gun and they want to be able to decide whether that's a good enough reason or not...

Republicans believe that their Red Flag bill is a "compromise." But notice, gun owners aren't getting anything in return. The "compromise" in this scenario is that the Left wants to confiscate everyone's guns and Republicans are only going to let them confiscate some people'sguns...

You can still rise up and put an end to the GOP's plan to surrender the 2nd Amendment. But you're running out of time!

Stop Lindsey Graham and the Republican leadership before it's too late! Please, send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill S. 7 and any other gun control bill that the Republicans try to push through committee!

Ronald Reagan famously said that 'freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.' He was absolutely right.

I was just a child back in 1994 when Democrats rammed through their massive gun control package. Today, a generation later, the Left is back to finish the job. But instead of Republicans fighting tooth and nail to stop them, the GOP is joining them.

Reagan also said that if our Constitutional Republic were to fall, and the Left was to succeed at eliminating rights like the 2nd Amendment, there would be nowhere left to retreat to. America is the last country on earth where natural, individual rights are valued above everything else. If America falls, there's nowhere else to run to...

You cannot run from this battle. Now is the time to stand and fight against Republicans, Democrats, and anyone else who dares try to chip away at the 2nd Amendment's right to keep and bear arms!

Stop the GOP's 2nd Amendment surrender plan! You must send your urgent message to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill S. 7 and any other gun control bill that the Republicans try to push through committee!

Don't stop fighting,

Max McGuire
Advocacy Director
Conservative Daily