Whenever there is a mass shooting in this country, the media plasters the shooter's face all over TV and print media. Our policy is usually not to name the mass shooters and give them the notoriety they desperately crave. But we know their names because the media doesn't follow these rules. We know the names of the shooters at Sandy Hook, the South Carolina church shooting, the Aurora, CO theater massacre.

We know their names because the media taught them to us. After last week's shooting in Virginia Beach, something is noticeably missing: the shooter's name. Police stated the man's name just once and pledged never to mention his name again. You can find his name if you search for it, but the media isn't giving him the wall-to-wall coverage.

What changed? He doesn't fit their narrative. The man who shot 12 co-workers in Virginia Beach was an African American registered Democrat. He didn't use an AR-15 or other "assault weapon," but rather a pair of .45 caliber handguns. He bought his guns legally and had passed numerous background checks, including an ATF background check necessary to buy a suppressor (which he legally owned). All of his neighbors and co-workers said he seemed like a perfectly normal person. He didn't show any warning signs that he was about to go on a shooting spree.

There isn't a single gun control bill introduced in Congress that would have stopped this shooting. Not. One.

But that isn't stopping Democrats from demanding a gun control vote... and it isn't stopping Republicans from helping them!

You must send your urgent message to these anti-gun traitors right now and tell them you will remove any Republican or Democrat who dares vote for any new gun control!

The shooter allegedly used one suppressor during his rampage. I say "allegedly" because bystanders called police and reported that they heard gunfire. Suppressors have been heavily regulated since 1934. The first firearm suppressor was invented by Henry Maxim in 1902, but he is more famous for his help inventing the automobile muffler. Both technologies work the same. Suppressors and mufflers don't make firearms and cars silent. They just reduce the sound so that people standing next to them don't go deaf.

In order to purchase a suppressor, buyers need to go through the most rigorous background check that the ATF currently runs on civilians. This is the same background check needed to legally buy a rocket launcher, tank, or machine gun. The Virginia Beach shooter passed this background check.

The ATF estimates that there are 44 suppressors used in crimes every year. With over 1.4 million suppressors legally owned by American civilians, That means that only 0.003% of legally owned suppressors are used in crimes in a given year. The men and women who own suppressors in this country are the most law-abiding people you will ever find.

But after this high profile crime, Democrats and Republicans are now negotiating a ban on suppressors. Democrats, of course, are saying that is not good enough. They want a universal gun registry, nationwide semi-automatic gun bans, and the right to disarm innocent Americans based on the mere suspicion that they might be dangerous.

Both parties are now discussing a "compromise" that would meet in the middle. Sen. Lindsey Graham is offering up a "Red Flag" bill that would allow police to disarm Americans who they think could be dangerous, but don't have any evidence to prove they broke the law. Sen. Marco Rubio is still talking about banning "high capacity" magazines. Sen Pat Toomey is trying to resurrect his 2013 bill to ban private gun sales and transfers.

In the House, Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI) is still pushing his gun confiscation bill. Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) is still advocating a new "assault weapon ban." 33 House Republicans voted last month on a bill that would permanently suspend Americans' gun rights for non-violent misdemeanors like stalking or harassment.

And President Trump is now saying that he is "seriously looking at" a ban on suppressors.

But don't let that fool you. This "compromise" isn't going to include any pro-gun provisions. The only "compromise" is that only SOME Americans will be targeted. Only SOME Americans will have to surrender their rights...

That is the left's plan: chip away at gun ownership piece by piece until they ban it all.

This is not a drill. President Trump has publicly declared multiple times over the past four days that he agrees Congress should pass some kind of gun control and now Republicans are angling to negotiate with Democrats over a gun control package!

You must send your urgent message to these anti-gun traitors right now and tell them you will remove any Republican or Democrat who dares vote for any new gun control!

The GOP wants to target just enough gun owners to make it look like they are "doing something" on gun violence without angering so many gun owners that they lose their power.

Last year, they did this by targeting bump stocks. Now, they want to ban suppressors.

We already know what is next. Republicans in both the House and Senate are already endorsing Dianne Feinstein's assault weapon ban. They are already signing on to ban "high capacity magazines." And the flagrantly unconstitutional "Red Flag" bill is still making its way through Republican-controlled committees.

You can stop this. You can draw your line in the sand and put an end to this gun grab before it goes any further.

But only if you rise up right now and fight!

You must send your urgent message to these anti-gun traitors right now and tell them you will remove any Republican or Democrat who dares vote for any new gun control!

Your brother in arms,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily