We all know the Left's ultimate gun control goals. Not only do they want to impose a broad semi-automatic firearm ban, but they also are desperate to implement a national gun owner registry to record who owns guns in this country. That way they can, one day, confiscate them all.

As long as President Trump is in office, Democrats know that these radical proposals will never pass. So, instead of going for the for a total ban, Pelosi and Schumer are trying to push through "bipartisan" gun control bills to set the groundwork for future bans and confiscations.

For example, instead of confiscating all Americans' guns, Democrats are instead working with Republicans like Lindsey Graham on a bill that would allow the government to confiscate firearms from "dangerous" innocent Americans who have never even been charged with a crime.

When it comes to gun bans, however, Democrats have to get more creative. They know they will never convince Republicans to sign onto an explicit gun ban.

Instead, the Left is working on bills that would place limitations on how Americans are allowed to acquire guns.

You and I know they won't stop here. If the GOP gives them an inch, it is only a matter of time before gun control activists take a mile!

Stop the Left's new "compromise" gun ban! Send your instant message to Congress and force them to KILL Pelosi and Schumer's radical "Ghost Gun" ban!

The proposals would ban what the Left calls "Ghost Guns." This is nothing but a scary name that they have given to homemade firearms.

The Federal government derives its gun control powers from the Commerce Clause of the Constitution. Basically, since firearms are part of interstate commerce, the government can regulate how Americans buy and sell guns. That is why Congress was able to mandate background checks for all guns purchased from licensed firearm dealers.

But when Americans build their own firearms for personal use, they aren't engaging in interstate commerce. That is why all law-abiding Americans are allowed, under Federal law, to build their own legal firearms (no machine guns).

Democrats hate this. In order to impose their gun control agenda on the country, the Left needs to control how Americans acquire firearms. That is why they are pushing so hard for so-called universal background checks. If gun owners have to report to the government everytime they buy or sell a firearm, then the Left can keep track of who owns the guns in the country.

The only flaw in their plan is that Americans are still allowed to build their own firearms. How hard is this to do? Well, someone with a lot of metalwork experience can truly build guns from scratch (one person even built an AK-47 from a rusty shovel). But most Americans simply buy the gun parts, like the 80% lower receiver shown above, and assemble the firearms themselves.

The Democrats want to ban this. They want to ensure that every time an American acquires a gun, the Federal government knows about it.

Pelosi and Schumer have introduced two measures to try to implement this ban. The first bill is H.R. 1266, the Ghost Guns are Guns Act (not a very creative name). The bill is two pages long and changes the Federal definition of a "firearm" to include "any combination of parts designed or intended for use in converting any device into a firearm and from which a firearm may be readily assembled."

What does that mean? If you want to build a firearm yourself, or repair or upgrade a gun you already own, you would need to first ask the government for permission to buy the parts. The Left's goal is that one day, the Federal government will simply be able to deny you permission...

The Left's other "compromise" proposal is even more sinister. It is called the Homeland Security Assessment of Terrorists Use of Ghost Guns Act (H.R. 2621). The bill has already passed through committee by a voice vote. That means that Republicans were able to vote for the bill without you knowing their names... The bill would require the Department of Homeland Security to produce a report detailing the potential national security dangers of homemade guns. Leftists would then be able use that report to justify the complete ban.

Both of these bills take us closer to the Left's ultimate goal of civilian disarmament. So why are Republicans helping them pass them?

Stop the Left's new "compromise" gun ban! Send your instant message to Congress and force them to KILL Pelosi and Schumer's radical "Ghost Gun" ban!

You read that correctly. Republicans are helping Democrats push these bills through Congress.

At first glance, homemade guns might not seem like a big issue. Most Americans don't build their own firearms, they just buy them from the store. But the fact that you can build your own gun is what keeps the government in check. Even if the Left implemented their gun registry and confiscation plans, they would never get all of the guns.

And that is why they are trying to ban homemade guns now.

This bill isn't going to get the same attention as the bigger gun control bills in Congress. But that is what makes it so dangerous. First, the left will ban homemade guns. We already know that they want to ban private gun sales and transfers. Once Americans are forced to buy guns only through licensed dealers, Democrats will impose even stricter gun store purchasing limitations, similar to what they have in New Jersey.

But it all starts with these "Ghost Gun" bans.

Are you going to let these anti-gun radicals push these gun bans through? Or will you fight back right now before it's too late?

Stop the Left's new "compromise" gun ban! Send your instant message to Congress and force them to KILL Pelosi and Schumer's radical "Ghost Gun" ban!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily