It is starting to work. Yesterday, we bombarded Congress with FaxBlasts demanding that they intervene and put a stop to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell's planned budget surrender. Now, conservatives in Congress are starting to fight back.

As you know, GOP leadership is planning to pass "clean" debt ceiling and budget bills. That means that all of Obama's programs and policies would remain funded and President Trump would get nothing for his agenda. Instead of working with conservatives to pass a conservative agenda, Paul Ryan struck a deal with the Democrats to give them everything they wanted.

It would be the ultimate betrayal. Instead of building the wall, Congress would keep Obama's amnesty programs funded; instead of standing up for life, the GOP establishment wants to help Planned Parenthood keep the lights on; and instead of seizing back American sovereignty, the plan would funnel billions to UN programs designed to undermine the President's America First agenda.

Not everyone is on board, however. Congressman Mark Meadows - the head of the Freedom Caucus - is putting his foot down. Others like Rep. Louie Gohmert and Senator Ted Cruz are demanding that GOP leadership abandon their surrender instincts and start passing the President's agenda.

But a few Congressmen and Senators will not be enough. We need to keep hammering this home until all Members of Congress understand that a vote for this clean spending bill is political suicide!

Help Rep. Mark Meadows put a stop to this Ryan/McConnell treachery! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress kill this surrender bill or else be removed from office!

Rep. Meadows and the Freedom Caucus are the most influential group on Capitol Hill. They are demanding that Ryan and McConnell stop stalling and finally schedule votes on the agenda the American people voted for. Otherwise, Meadows warned in a recent interview, there will be significant consequences for the GOP leadership.

"We have run out of time. We've got to get things done and if we don't, the consequences will not only be severe, but they will be across the board for all Republicans to pay when it comes up for re-election. So, that does not exempt our leadership. The leadership in the House and the Senate, as well as those on committees of jurisdiction, have to be serious about producing results."

The Congressman isn't pulling any punches. If the GOP leadership doesn't wise up and abandon this plot to cave to Congressional Democrats, he warns that they will be removed from power.

But he needs your help. He is begging for your help.

"You know the voice of the people is a very, very powerful tool. I've found that any time you go against the people's voice, you're going up against a tsunami that will have unbelievable power and implications."

We are calling on you to get loud, so loud that Congress cannot ignore you.

This is not just about the future of the Republican Party. It's not even about the future of the conservative movement... This is about the future of our Republic!

Will you stand by while spineless Paul Ryan conspires to drag us back into the Obama era? Or will you stand and fight to DEMAND that Congress pass and fund the President's America First agenda?

They can't do it alone. Please, send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to kill Paul Ryan's surrender budget or else face the consequences!

Everything we have fought for comes down to this...

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily