Fellow Conservative,

For weeks, we have been calling attention to the plight of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, the Army Green Beret who was facing discharge for ‘shoving’ an Afghan police officer who confessed to raping a small child.

The Afghan kidnapped the young boy, chained him to a bed, raped him for 10 days, and then dared the US military to do something about it.

What would you do in Sgt. Martland’s situation? Would you be able to hold your temper while this serial rapist brags to you about abusing small children?

Martland didn’t shoot the man. He didn’t even injure him. He just pushed him. That’s it. So, the Army discharged him.

When the Army denied Martland’s appeal last week, it appeared that all hope was lost. But we have a breaking new development. A U.S. Congressman has introduced a resolution to reinstate Charles Martland and he needs your help to get it passed!

No more waiting! Tell Congress to vote on the Rep. Hunter’s resolution to reinstate Sgt. Martland!

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) has long been a staunch supporter of our military men and women. When U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi was imprisoned in Mexico, it was Rep. Hunter who led the charge to get him released.

Now, the Congressman is pushing to get Martland reinstated in the Army. The introduced legislation is so new that it hasn’t even been put online yet.

We need to get this resolution passed NOW!

Every day that Martland is out of the Army will make it that much harder to get him reinstated.

This is about more than just one man’s military career. This is about putting the Obama administration on record and determining what they value more: the rights of a confessed serial child rapist or the rights of a Green Beret and 2-time Bronze Star recipient.

Right now, it appears that the administration is more interested in protecting Afghan rapists and that is a shame.

Our founders gave the Executive Branch control over military affairs. But they also designed Congress so that it would have oversight authority as well.

Congress can put a stop to this right now. But if we are going to have any hope of getting Martland reinstated, we need to push hard right now.

Yes, there is a lot going on right now. This is just one of many issues that you’ll read about today. It is easy to get bogged down in it all.

But this is more important than anything else. You want to talk about the character of our nation? How can we possibly live with ourselves if we allow Obama and his cronies to kick this American hero out of the Army?

Don’t let them get away with it. Demand that Congress vote to reinstate Charles Martland immediately!

Charles Martland has been officially discharged. The Army forced this hero to retire early because they didn’t like that he ‘pushed’ an Afghan rapist.

They valued the rights of a rapist over the career of a Green Beret. Period.

It’s shameful. It’s damn shameful.

But we don’t have to just sit back and accept it. Representative Duncan Hunter’s resolution can turn the tide and get this soldier back into the Army.

We need to get loud. We need to get so loud that Congress literally can’t ignore us. However, you’re going to need to drop what your doing right now.

I beg you: Fax Blast Congress and DEMAND that this injustice be reversed!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily