Fellow Conservative,

We all know that Congress is broken. But even while Congress continues to enjoy record low approval ratings, citizens continually to look favorably upon their own Congressman and Senators.

But the reason Congress, as an institution, is broken is because the people we send there are broken. Not all of them, mind you. But many are…

I want to introduce you to Senator Tammy Baldwin, a Democrat from Wisconsin.

In August of this past year, Senator Baldwin received a report from a whistleblower that a VA hospital in her State (Tahoma) was over- and wrongly-prescribing veterans. The report detailed systemic problems leading to military veterans receiving the wrong medication, too much medication, or a deadly combination of medications.

As I said, this issue was brought to Sen. Baldwin’s attention last summer. But instead of following up and doing something about it, the Senator ignored it.

She did NOTHING. Well, that’s not entirely true… She did something, but only after veterans started dying from fatal overdoses. Now, Tammy Baldwin has ‘lawyered up,’ refusing to answer any questions and referring investigators to her team of lawyers.

Ignoring a VA report is bad enough, but the fact that her actions directly led to the deaths of veterans is just shameful.

The Constitution allows for members of Congress to be removed from office for crimes and conduct unbecoming.

Demand that Congress begin a full investigation into this gross negligence and, if necessary, remove Senator Baldwin from office!

It’s not often that we are able to talk about something that is truly presentable. But, this is the case.

Veterans – American heroes – ended up passing away from something that was truly preventable. They were over medicated and given deadly cocktails of prescriptions, all while Senator Baldwin sat on a report…


I always want to see the best in people, but it is really hard to do that when Senators are literally ignoring the plights of our veterans.

This case is cut and dry. A VA whistleblower came to this Senator multiple times, pleading that she intervene. Sen. Baldwin was given all the evidence she needed to start an investigation… but she didn’t. She sat on the report.

Why? I can only imagine that it was to lessen the focus on the Obama administration at the height of the VA scandal this past summer.

There’s one thing I do know. Senator Tammy Baldwin didn’t do her job. Her constituents entrusted her to take care of them, veterans included. And her refusal to act on evidence provided by a whistleblower – or even to pass the report on to someone else – is shameful, unacceptable, and a violation of the promise she made to her constituents.

And because she sat on the report, veterans died. And that is just so shameful.

The families of these veterans deserve to know why Sen. Baldwin chose to sit on this report for FOUR months instead of intervening. The American people deserve to know what Senator Baldwin is hiding for her to lawyer-up when her inaction was revealed!

Demand that Congress investigate Senator Tammy Baldwin’s actions and, if guilty, remove her from office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily