Fellow Conservative,

For the last few hours, I've struggled to come up with what to write. All the words that came out were empty and failed to really describe just how horrific a tragedy this is.

By now, you must know. Yesterday, terrorists launched a string of attacks in Paris that, according to the most recent estimates, killed more than 120 innocent people. That number will likely be revised as we learn more.

As I scrolled through Facebook, I saw friends and family posting similar messages. "I stand with Paris."

At first, I said to myself, "that's a nice message."

But the more I scrolled through, the more these messages angered me.

Now is not the time to "stand with Paris." Now is the time to kill each and every one of these Islamic Extremists wherever they are!

At least one of the attackers in Paris came in disguised as a refugee! Don’t let Obama put us at risk any longer! Demand that Congress stop Obama from bringing any more terrorists here to the US!

Let me be clear: for far too long we have treated ISIS with kid gloves. We have a feckless President who can't seem to commit to anything more than airstrikes. And we have a Congress that continues to sit on its hands and simply refuses to pass legislation authorizing the use of more force. But far worse than either of these mistakes is the fact that we are literally bringing tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” here to the United States with no questions asked.

Yesterday morning, just hours before the attacks, an interview with President Obama aired on television where he claimed that the war against ISIS was working.

“I don’t think they’re gaining strength,” Obama responded. “What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them.

It doesn’t get much worse than that. ISIS is hardly contained. ISIS is spreading, and likely to the United States because of President Obama’s ineptitude.

If you think that what happened in Paris is an isolated incident, then I have a bridge to sell you. It is only a matter of time before something similar happens here in the United States. We are not immune from radical Islamic extremism. Yes, I am willing to call it by its name.

And if the Obama administration gets its way and is able to expedite Syrian refugee relocation here in the United States, then the timeline for an attack will be accelerated.

Over the days and weeks ahead, we will learn more about the Parisian attackers. But as of right now, we know that at least one of the attackers -- who blew himself in front of the soccer stadium – was a Syrian “refugee” who entered Europe through Greece.

Yesterday also marked the first 10,000 “refugees” to land on US soil. 10,000 Syrians arrived in New Orleans.

What vetting was done? How many of them are actually terrorists?

The fact of the matter is we have literally no idea who these people are. They have little to no paperwork and the vast majority of these “refugees” are fighting-aged males.

This is a recipe for disaster!

Even after what happened in Paris, the Obama administration is still bringing Syrian “refugees” here! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they put a stop to this suicidal refugee policy!

Obama’s plan so far has been to bring as many “refugees” here as possible and use airstrikes and a handful of Special Forces soldiers to pick away at ISIS. Yes, that is a feckless policy, but his hands are largely tied because Congress refuses to pass use of force legislation.

We need to take the fight to them. But first and foremost, we need to close our borders and stop these radical Islamic extremists from coming here disguised as terrorists.

For God’s sake, the Obama administration has actually lowered the bar to allow some terrorist supporters to qualify as refugees.

We know for a FACT that at least one of the attackers in Paris came into the EU disguised as a refugee.

How long are we going to wait before we close our borders and by that time, how many terrorists will have snuck into the United States?

If Obama and Congress won’t put a stop to this, then you MUST raise your voice and demand it!

We simply can’t risk it! Demand that Congress put a stop to any new Syrian “refugees” coming here to the United States!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily