Fellow Conservative,

What is going on with this administration? Everywhere you look, the Obama White House is just acting so… backwards.

A Congressional delegation (all Democrats) just landed in Havana, Cuba to show their support for the Castro regime;

Instead of showing up to the Paris rally against Islamic extremism, the administration sent James Taylor, the musician, to sing a song about friendship;

Obama released more dangerous terrorists from Guantanamo and sent them back to the Middle East so they can rejoin the fight;

And worst of all, the President is threatening to veto legislation aimed at stopping Iran from building a nuclear bomb.

Do you see what I mean? It is just so backwards. Barack Obama is a coward in every sense of the word. He is a physical coward (afraid to go to Paris), he is a moral coward (afraid to stand up to Iran’s nuclear program), and he is a mental coward (afraid to admit he is wrong).

In the coming days, we are going to focus and target every one of these instances of cowardice. It is up to the Congress of the United States to ensure that Americans are protected and that our image of strength around the world is preserved!

Right now, we have to focus on Iran. This spring will mark the next round of talks between Iran and the West. Just like Vietnam, our enemy is stalling and using the prospect of peace talks to allow them to build up their weaponry.

When these talks fail, Iran could be just weeks away from building a functioning nuclear bomb. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that the United States impose sanctions against Iran before it is too late!

Demand that Congress overrides Obama’s veto threat and levy sanctions against Iran!

We had sanctions against Iran… really tough sanctions. They were passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. The problem? They were working too well! They were so crippling that they actually got Iran to the table to negotiate.

Here’s the problem. Upon seeing this, Barack Obama relaxed the sanctions to make life easier for Iran. Ever since then, the Iranians have been stalling and trying to buy more time.


Anyone with commonsense recognizes this. The Iranians keep stalling and meanwhile, their centrifuges continue to refine nuclear material to a weapons grade.

Both parties in Congress are working together to draft new sanctions against Iran to make up for the sanctions that Obama foolishly lifted. Obama has promised a Presidential veto (what else is new) but instead of backing down, Democrat lawmakers are actually pushing onwards.

Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) – who is as corrupt as they come – is actually going head to head with Obama over these sanctions. And he believes that there is enough support in the Senate to override Obama’s veto.

Think about that for a second… Obama’s own party is moving against him.

Now as I write this, there is still uncertainty. There is always the chance that the vote could come up short. But at this point, both parties in Congress believe they have a good chance of overriding a Presidential veto… in the Senate, at least.

The House is a different story. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – or as I call her, the Wicked Witch of the West – is unlikely to vote against Obama. John Boehner is also known to waffle on issues like this as well. But there are plenty of reasonable Congressmen in both parties who recognize the threat that Obama’s inaction poses all of us.

But they need nudging. It isn’t easy for Democrats to vote against the President and there will likely be backlash. It is up to you to remind your Congressmen and Senators – regardless of their party affiliation – that a nuclear Iran poses a direct threat to America.

Remind them who they work for and DEMAND that Obama’s cowardice be overridden in Congress!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily