Fellow Conservative,

Our fax blast campaign today is simple. All across this great country, there are servicemen and women who go to work and are forced to disarm.

Take a look at the picture above. Do you see it? It is a no guns placard… on the door to a military recruiting center… surrounded by bullet holes.

Thanks to Bill Clinton's executive order in 1993, soldiers are prohibited from carrying weapons in domestic military bases and facilities. The logic was that if soldiers carried their weapons, there would be more accidental shootings and shots fired in anger.

It doesn’t get much stupider than that… For the first decade of its existence, this regulation rarely came up. The United States was in a time of peace and our military men and women were, for the most part, safe. But those times are over.

Today, we have ISIS and other radical Islamic extremists living among us. They are radicalized and just waiting to strike.

The Fort Hood attack, the shooting at the Little Rock recruiting center, the Naval Yard shooting, the second Fort Hood attack, and now yesterdays shootings in Chattanooga, Tennessee… What do they all have in common?

In each case, there were men and women trained to defend themselves but who were disarmed by this damn Clinton regulation.

This ends today. It is long past due for this relic of a regulation to be sent to the ash heap of history. There’s no way of knowing whether being allowed to carry would have saved any of the victims yesterday. But being disarmed sealed their fate!

Our military is being left defenseless. Force Congress to roll back this Clinton-era executive order and allow trained military men and women to carry weapons!

When we hear about abuses at the VA, we all rise up and do our part to demand they be rectified. We need to do the same here.

These servicemen and women are being left defenseless while radical Islamists just pick them off. This isn’t a gun control issue. This is just more proof that 'gun free zones' only empower the criminals.

I am reminded of a program Chicago tried to implement. They tried to create “safe zones” for children to walk to school without the threat of gun violence. On the first day of the program being rolled out, they found someone shot to death and dumped in a dumpster in the “safe zone.”

Putting a sign up telling Islamic terrorists not to shoot our soldiers is so stupid that it had to have come from a Democrat. And it did.

In March of 1993, on Bill Clinton’s orders, servicemen and women were prohibited from carrying weapons for personal protection on domestic military bases. Only MPs and security guards are now allowed to carry.

Overseas, soldiers are allowed to carry weapons on base. But if they are stationed here in the US, they are forced to disarm.

Make no mistake: we are at war and the enemy is here, living among us. Disarming our military men and women in the face of this threat is unacceptable.

Like any executive order, Congress has the power to change Clinton’s regulation and allow soldiers to carry firearms. Reps. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Duncan Hunter (R-CA) have come together demanding that soldiers, such as recruiters, be allowed to carry.

Now, it is up to you to demand it from the other 533 Congressmen and Senators!

Tell Congress to roll back this deadly Clinton-era regulation and allow our military men and women to defend themselves!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily