I warned you earlier this week that if left unchecked, cities, states, and the federal government would start slashing Americans' 2nd Amendment rights.

It started in cities like Champaign, IL and New Orleans, LA where the city governments gave the mayors the power to suspend gun transfers inside the city limits.

Then, we saw the orders come down in California requiring that all "non-essential businesses" be closed. Not surprisingly, the anti-gun Democrats in CA labeled gun stores to be non-essential and have started using police officers to force the gun stores to close.

Here is how San Jose's mayor, Sam Liccardo, explained his decision to force a local gun store to close down:

"We are having panic buying right now for food. The one thing we cannot have is panic buying of guns," Liccardo explained. He admitted that this had nothing to do with whether the right to self-defense is essential or non-essential, but rather that he cannot stomach the idea of free citizens arming themselves to protect their families. He is unapologetically violating the 2nd Amendment.

Then, we started seeing it in local police and sheriff departments deciding to suspend all concealed carry permit applications. Instead of approving applications for licenses to carry firearms in public, police departments in places like Eerie, PA, Wichita, KS, and Mesa County, CO -- and everywhere in between -- have suspended new carry permit applications. If you don't already have permission to carry, you won't be getting it (even if you meet all of the other statutory requirements).

And then, the FBI dropped the biggest bombshell of all. Because of police department closures around the country, the Federal government can no longer guarantee that they will be able to process firearm purchase background checks... at all. That means that the 72-hour failsafe within the 1994 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act kicks in. If the government cannot process a background check in 72 hours, Americans have a right to take the firearms home without being cleared. This was put in place to make sure the government could never revoke the 2nd Amendment by refusing to process background checks.

At the start of this week, a lot of people went out to buy a firearm for their own personal protection. But cities and states are now closing gun stores before that 72-hour countdown expires so that Americans cannot take home the firearms that they have legally purchased.

Your 2nd Amendment rights are, right now, being declared "non-essential." Millions of Americans are being left unable to protect themselves, all because local, state, and federal government officials consider their self-defense rights to be non-essential.

And it is going to get worse...

Protect the 2nd Amendment! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to STOP cities and states from blocking Americans from exercising their right to keep and bear arms!

Congress has the power to stop this. The 14th Amendment gives Congress the power to step in when states and localities violate their residents' rights.

Telling law-abiding Americans that they no longer have a right to bear arms for their self-defense violates the 2nd Amendment.

Forcing gun stores to close while Americans patiently wait in line outside to pick up the firearms that they legally purchased violates the 2nd Amendment.

Suspending background check processing, thus preventing law-abiding Americans from purchasing firearms violates the 2nd Amendment.

And yes, mayors like Sam Liccardo saying that the city "cannot have" the "panic buying of guns" is clearly violative of the 2nd Amendment.

This is going to get worse before it gets better. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, local police actually went door to door and confiscated guns at gunpoint. In states like Pennsylvania, the right to open carry has already been suspended because of the declared state of emergency. And the Federal government promising to let Americans take home newly purchased firearms after waiting three days means nothing if state and local governments force those gun stores to close down in the meantime.

Your 2nd Amendment rights are literally disappearing by the day...

You MUST stand up and fight back!

Protect the 2nd Amendment! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to STOP cities and states from blocking Americans from exercising their right to keep and bear arms!

We cannot trust the courts to intervene. Most Federal and State courthouses are closing down and going into quarantine. And even if Judges do intervene, it will be too late. When a Federal judge finally stopped New Orleans police officers from confiscating guns, they had already been doing it for a month...

And the executive branch cannot be trusted to do this. Sheriffs, Mayors, and Governors are the ones issuing these closure orders!

Only Congress can intervene and put a stop to this and only you can force them to!

The 2nd Amendment is NOT a 2nd Class right. Your right to keep and bear arms IS essential.

But unless we take action right now, these anti-gun orders are going to keep getting worse and worse!

Protect the 2nd Amendment! Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and force them to STOP cities and states from blocking Americans from exercising their right to keep and bear arms!

Stand up and fight!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily