Fellow Conservative,

I've told you about the plight of Sgt. First Class Charles Martland, a Green Beret and Bronze Star recipient who is being kicked out of the army for shoving a confessed child rapist in Afghanistan.

Now, we are learning that he isn’t the only one who was punished for defending the human rights of a 12-year-old Afghan boy. The Army also forced Captain Dan Quinn out of the military for this.

In case you missed our earlier reports, an Afghan police commander (similar to a police chief in the US) was caught kidnapping small children, chaining them to his bed, and raping them for weeks at a time.

One victim, a 12-year-old boy, was imprisoned and raped for almost 10 days. I am not telling you this to offend you. I am telling you this so you understand what is happening in Afghanistan. When his mother pleaded with the policeman to return her son, he savagely beat the woman.

So, she turned to the only authority figures she could trust: the United States Army, specifically Capt. Quinn and Sgt. Martland. After hearing what she had to say, they went and confronted the Afghan police commander. Not only did he confess to everything, but he laughed and said there was nothing the Americans could do to stop him from turning small boys into his sex slaves.

At this point, the two soldiers lost it. They put their hands on the police officer and pushed him onto the ground. Oh, how violent… (sarcasm)

The Army’s response? They removed both men from the combat zone. They made life so difficult for Capt. Quinn that he left the Army. But because Sgt. Martland refuses to quit, Obama’s Pentagon is pushing through an involuntary discharge. All because he stood up to a serial child rapist.

This is WRONG!

Don’t let Obama’s Pentagon punish this brave soldier for defending the rights of an innocent child! Demand that Congress stop this injustice immediately!

Since we’ve been covering this story, other soldiers have stepped forward and admitted that the military forced them to turn a blind eye to child rape in Afghanistan.

Do you know why Sgt. Martland is being kicked out of the Army?

The Pentagon says he ‘disrespected’ and ‘didn’t tolerate’ local Afghan customs. Isn’t that disgusting? What is even worse is that this is happening all the time.

The Obama administration is more interested in defending a serial child rapist than distinguished officers and soldiers.

I am sorry, but how can we possibly ask our men and women in uniform to simply turn a blind eye to child sex slavery? Make no mistake, this is what is happening in Afghanistan. Police officers and militiamen are kidnapping children and raping them.

What good is it if we defeat the Taliban but we lose our humanity in the process?

It has gotten so bad that Afghan police living on US military bases are allowed to keep their child slaves with them on base. Isn’t that despicable?

Obama’s Pentagon want to brush all this under the rug and punish those who stood for what’s right. This is just another part of Obama’s larger plan to gut our military.

These men answered the call to defend you. Will you take the time now to rise and defend them from this horrible witch hunt?

Enough is enough! Force Congress to STOP the Pentagon from involuntarily discharging Sgt. Martland!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily