Fellow Conservative,

We’ve all heard the liberal talking points…

They say that “voter fraud doesn’t exist” and that “voter ID is just thinly veiled racism.”

But the reality is that Democrats know they can’t win elections if voter ID laws go into effect!

Voter fraud was just confirmed in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. A New Mexico resident – who has chosen to keep his identity a secret – went into his polling location on Saturday looking to cast a ballot.

There was just one problem: the county clerk informed him that he had already voted three days earlier.

Apparently, someone walked into the polls and fraudulently cast a ballot in his name! And what is even worse is that election officials admit there’s nothing they can do about it!

Voter fraud is stealing this election! Demand that Congress make voter ID mandatory!

Because voter ID is not mandatory in New Mexico, there was absolutely no way to stop this fraud from happening.

Someone walked in and deliberately used this man’s identity to cast a ballot. Clerks went over the signature files and proved that this was, without a doubt, an illegal ballot. But because the ballot had already joined the others, there was no way for any of the clerks to remove it.

There’s nothing that anyone can do about it. This man had his identity and his vote stolen and the worst part is that his legitimate vote might not even be counted!

Democrats always claim that voter fraud is nonexistent. We now know that is a complete lie.

But the bigger question is, how many other votes have been stolen in this same fashion?

How many fraudulent voters have cast ballots pretending to be someone else, either infirm or already deceased?

How many razor thin elections have been decided by these types of fraudulent votes?

It is no coincidence that this is happening in New Mexico. The polls in recent days have shown the Senate race there is tightening, with the Republican Allen Weh coming within single-digits of the Democrat incumbent, Tom Udall.

In most of America, the only defense against illegal voting is the voter registration signature card. Clerks are supposed to compare signatures to the copies on file before allowing someone to vote.

The problem is that signatures change over time and most clerks don’t scrutinize the signatures enough!

Poll workers aren’t handwriting experts. It is ludicrous that we rely on this antiquated method of detecting fraud.

I am asking that you do two things:

First, please take the time to Fax Congress and DEMAND that Voter ID Laws be implemented as soon as possible!

Second, when you go to vote tomorrow, show the poll worker your ID. I don’t care whether it’s mandatory in your state or not. When you sign in to vote tomorrow, insist that the poll worker check your ID and verify your identity.

Elections have consequences and we cannot afford for them to be decided fraudulently!

Voter fraud is stealing this election! Demand that Congress make voter ID mandatory!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily