Fellow Conservative,

Every week or so, we run a story on voter-ID and voter fraud just to keep people up to date on how the Obama administration is attacking states’ voter ID laws and how illegal voting may influence the election.

And every week, we are bombarded with emails from left-leaning readers calling us “liars” and practically every other name in the book. In every article we publish, we attempt to provide a little bit of evidence proving our case.

And yet, we receive tons of emails claiming that we “have no proof.” Instead of actually reading what we write, these liberals just claim we have no proof. Well, we now have plenty of proof – both anecdotal and statistical – proving that voter fraud exists and has the ability to alter election results!

Please continue reading and see for yourself just how dangerous illegal voting is…

Two university researchers recently released a study compiling a bunch of data to determine what effect, if any, illegal votes have on elections. Their results were staggering!

Stop the voter fraud! Only you can DEMAND voter-ID be enforced immediately!

Jesse Richman and David Earnest have a forthcoming article being published in the academic journal Electoral Studies. This is what researchers do when they find something groundbreaking that deserves publication.

Both researchers compiled data from a number of sources – including Harvard University’s Cooperative Congressional Election Study – to answer a simple question: Do non-citizens vote in U.S. elections?

And the answer they found was a resounding yes!

In Statistics, researcher use smaller samples of the population to extrapolate larger trends. Every statistic you have used in your lifetime was found by examining a sample. It’s impossible to poll everyone.

Based on Harvard’s data, Jesse Richman and David Earnest worked off a sample size of 339 non-citizen respondents. In 2008 sample, THIRTY-EIGHT of them (11.3%) self-reported and admitted to illegally voting in the election. Even worse, they arrive at the conclusion that “non-citizen voting likely changed 2008 outcomes including Electoral College votes and the composition of Congress.”

However, after running an analysis, both researchers arrived at a lower number: 6.4%. That’s the percent they estimate of non-citizens who voted in the 2008 election.

Now, they admit to limitations in their data sets and research. If you are a Statistics buff, they do a good job here of explaining all their findings.

But the point is that there were a number of close races in 2008 that were decided by razor-thin margins.

In Minnesota, comedian-turned-politician Al Franken (D) won by just 312 votes. If just 0.65% of Minnesota’s non-citizens cast ballots in that election, that would have been enough to carry Franken to victory.

Even if you believe Richman and Earnest to be wrong in their research and believe that their analysis is flawed, the data-set proves that voter-fraud does exist, even within a small sample size.

Even if you discount their 6.4% number as wrong, the case of Minnesota proves that even a handful of illegal votes can potentially swing an election!

Stop the voter fraud! Only you can DEMAND voter-ID be enforced immediately!

Now I know what you’re saying: what does a Minnesota Senate race have to do with anything? Well, Al Franken was the 60th vote for Obamacare…

The question you have to ask yourself is not whether illegal voters stole the 2008 election. Even with this new research, a definitive answer remains out of reach.

But the question you must ask yourself is this: is it worth it to leave our electoral system unprotected?

Throughout our history, we have experienced razor-thin election margins. This year is shaping up to also have extremely close races.

The statistics show that aliens and other non-citizens actually do illegally vote in our elections, which is more than enough to affect outcomes. But what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to let the White House continue to attack states’ voter integrity laws? Or are you going to stand and fight?

I am choosing the latter and I hope you will too. When my grandchildren ask me what I did to take back this country, I am going to respond, “everything I possibly could.”

We all owe that same response to future generations!


Stop the voter fraud! Only you can DEMAND voter-ID be enforced immediately!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily