Fellow Conservative,

Today is Election Day! Today is the day that you get to let your voice be heard and join in the movement to take this country back.

The GOP candidates aren’t perfect… not by a long shot. But I am reminded of something Ronald Reagan once said.

President Reagan used to say that just because someone disagrees with you 20% of the time doesn’t mean they are 20% your enemy. It means they are 80% your friend.

The GOP needs to realize this. We need to stop cannibalizing our party during primaries and weakening our candidates way ahead of the general election. We need to stop voting for third parties as protest votes, effectively handing elections to the Democrats.

And more importantly, we need to ALL turn out on Election Day!

When we all show up to vote, we win. When people stay home because they aren’t 100% on board with the candidates, we lose. It’s as simple as that.

You need to vote today like the Constitution depends on it because, in many ways, it does!

Many people, however, don’t live in competitive battleground states. For many of you, Congressional districts have become so gerrymandered that it’s nearly impossible kick out incumbents.

Here at Conservative Daily, we want to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

Every conservative should have a copy of the Constitution on them at all times! That’s why we’re running a special promotion!

Buy one pocket constitution for $4.95 and we will send another copy to Barack Obama – on your behalf – reminding him that he took an oath to defend the Constitution, not to shred it!

This is part of our fundraising effort to develop some new technologies that help you amplify your political voice even more!

We’ve sent hundreds of constitutions to the White House so far. But we can do more!

Whether you live in a battleground state or not, this is a way to send a clear message to the Obama administration while making sure that you have the country’s founding document in your pocket wherever you go!

This is a chance to take a stand! This is a chance to bombard the White House with so many Constitutions that the President CAN’T claim ignorance any longer!

Get your pocket constitution HERE and we’ll send one on your behalf to Barack H. Obama!

Don’t forget to vote!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily