Fellow Conservative,

This is literally what we’ve been waiting for.

For years, we have been blasting Congress to repeal Obamacare.

Premiums have skyrocketed, deductibles are way too high, and good luck finding a doctor you like that takes your insurance.

Before the New Year, both the House and the Senate passed legislation to roll back the (un)Affordable Care Act. This was a vote that was literally 6 years in the making.

The President, predictably, vetoed the bill. But now, Congressional Republicans are gearing up to override the President’s veto. We need your help!

One more push! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they override Obama’s veto and dismantle Obamacare once and for all!

I went back to crunch the numbers and we have literally sent tens of millions of faxes to Congress demanding that they repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that the American people can actually afford.

None of that would have been possible without you.

The only reason we are at this point is because brave Patriots like you rose up and demanded that Congress act.

We demanded that the House repeal Obamacare, and they held dozens of votes. Then, when the GOP took over the Senate, we demanded that they pass a repeal bill through reconciliation to get around a Democrat filibuster. That's exactly what they did.

Now, the end is near. Sure, it’s going to be tough to drag this across the finish line. But nothing worth fighting for is ever easy, is it?

I know there’s a lot going on in your life. I know you’re tremendously busy.

But this is it. This is the end. If we can drag this across the finish line, then Obamacare is dead.

I beg you: Contact your Congressman and Senators and DEMAND that they vote to override Obama’s veto and kill Obamacare once and for all!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily