Fellow Conservative,

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for, folks.

Right now, Congress is holding its first impeachment hearing against John Koskinen, Obama’s criminal IRS Commissioner.

This is the man who presided over the decision to incinerate Lois Lerner’s hard drives and then lied to Congress about it.

As if he couldn’t get any more arrogant, he was called to testify at his own impeachment hearing today and the Obama administration official “declined the offer.” 

He is skipping his own impeachment hearing... The Head of the IRS has said he can’t attend his own impeachment because his schedule is too “crowded.”

We start with Koskinen and then we move to every other criminal in the administration who is openly breaking the law and violating the Constitution – including Obama himself!

Impeach the criminal! Tell Congress to impeach John Koskinen and then move onto the rest of the criminals in the administration!

As you read this, Congressmen are gathering to hold the first vote to impeach the IRS Commissioner.

This isn’t a joke… this isn’t hyperbole…

A vote is happening today.

Congress issued a legal preservation order. The IRS had a legal obligation to safeguard all data. John Koskinen not only allowed that data to be destroyed in violation of the preservation order, but he lied to Congress when asked about it.

Even though he knew the hard drives were being incinerated – not just wiped clean, but physically burned in a furnace – he told Congressional investigators that they would get the data they were asking for.

The evidence proves that Koskinen knew about the preservation order and knew about the hard-drives’ incineration when he gave Congressional testimony.

This is called perjury and yes, it is impeachable!

It’s simple. This is the moment we have waited years for. Congress finally has found the courage to start impeaching Obama’s cronies.

But none of this will be possible without your help!

Don’t let this fade away! Seize the moment and DEMAND that Congress impeach Obama’s corrupt IRS Commissioner John Koskinen and do the same for the rest of the criminals in the administration!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily