Fellow Conservative,

You heard it here first. Long before any of the mainstream media was covering this, I told you the story of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland and how the Obama administration is kicking him out of the army for shoving a confessed child rapist in Afghanistan.

This man was in the Army for 11 years. He received a Bronze Star and is, by all accounts, a hero.

When deployed in Afghanistan, Martland heard that a local police officer had molested a young boy and proceeded to beat the boy’s mother.

Because the American government trains and pays these police commanders, Martland wanted to go set this officer straight.

When he confronted the accused rapist, the Afghan admitted everything. Not only that, but he laughed it off and said nothing would ever happen to him.

At this point, Sgt. Martland lost his cool. He stepped forward and shoved the Afghan police officer.

Now, he is being involuntarily discharged from the US Army because he defended a rape victim. Only in Obama’s America…

Don’t let Obama get away with ruining this hero’s military career! Demand that Congress intervene and stop this involuntary discharge!

Truly, only the Obama administration would value an Afghan rapist over a decorated Green Beret. That is absolutely what is happening. Instead of receiving a slap on the wrist to losing his cool, Sgt. Martland is being discharged from the Army after 11 years of service.

Last we heard, Rep. Duncan Hunter is leading the charge to get this discharge stopped. As you might remember, Rep. Hunter was the one who fought so hard to get Sgt. Tahmooressi released from a Mexican prison.

When I told you about this soldier’s plight four days ago, there was only one Congressman on board. Now, we have a couple more Congressmen on board.

As easy as it is to be cynical about Congress, when thousands of Americans speak up and demand that an injustice be stopped, Congress listens.

This isn’t about Republican vs Democrat this time. This is about preventing an injustice and saving an American Hero’s career in the military.

I was watching FoxNews last night and when they featured Sgt. Martland’s story, my wife turned over to me and said “that is just so unfair.”

Millions of people watched the news last night and likely had the same thought. Perhaps you were one of them. I know I was.

But after we see these horrible things that the Obama administration is doing, we ultimately turn off the television and go to bed. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Click and FaxBlast every single Congressman and Senator demanding that they intervene to stop this hero’s involuntary discharge!

This American hero answered the call to defend you. It’s time for you to answer the call to defend him.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily