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Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White is a Navy Officer and a family man. That's him in the picture above. By all accounts, he is a hero. He was there when the radical Islamist opened fire in Chattanooga, TN. However, unlike his colleagues, he brought his personal sidearm to work that day and returned fire on the gunman.

What does he get for his bravery? A medal? A commendation? No, the military is going to prosecute him!

Don’t let the Obama administration prosecute a Navy Officer for defending himself during the Chattanooga terror attack!

What a pathetic excuse for an administration. This makes me so angry that I am having a hard time even writing this. This just came across my desk and I am at a complete loss for words.

We have covered the Chattanooga terror attack in depth. One fact that the media hasn’t really covered is that some of the victims of the attack died trying to distract the shooter. They drew the fire away from a crowd of innocent people.

Then there was a Navy Officer who defied the Department of Defense regulation and chose to carry his firearm anyway. We now know this man to be Lt. Cmdr Timothy White. When the Islamic extremist terrorist began shooting, he was able to return fire. We have no idea whether any of his shots hit the gunman, but there is no doubt that this covering fire helped to save lives.

Now, we’re getting word that he is going to face charges for illegally carrying his personal firearm in a military facility. Apparently, he was supposed to just lay down and die.

I’m at a loss for words. This is completely unacceptable!

First of all, the victims of the attack, at the moment, don’t even qualify for a Purple Heart because the administration hasn’t determined that the shooter was ‘sufficiently radicalized.’ Under the law, we need proof that the shooter communicated directly with terrorists abroad. Right now, the only evidence the FBI has is that he was radicalized from watching YouTube videos.

Remember, this is coming from the administration that still classifies the Fort Hood attack as “work place violence.”

But now this? Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White should be commended for his bravery. Instead, the Obama administration is punishing him for shooting back when an Islamic terrorist tried to kill him. I can’t believe this is even happening.

When did our Armed Forces become unArmed Forces? 

 Don’t let the Obama administration prosecute this Navy Officer for fighting back! Demand that Congress lift the ban on concealed carry at military bases!

The regulation barring military men and women from carrying firearms on domestic military bases dates back to the George HW Bush administration, though the rule was finalized under Bill Clinton. It dictates that only Military Police are allowed to carry firearms on American military bases.

The President is the Commander-in-Chief. All he has to do is say the words and the charges would be dropped against this man. But unfortunately, this doesn’t fit the President’s anti-gun narrative. Obama doesn’t want military men and women to be able to fight back when radical Islamists try to kill them.

The good news is that Congress is actively working on reversing this literally deadly regulation. Both the House and Senate have competing amendments that would lift the ban on carrying weapons within American military facilities. The bad news is that the provisions aren’t the same and if Congress doesn’t hurry, this brave officer is going to be punished for his courageous act!

Don’t let the Obama administration prosecute this Navy Officer for fighting back! Demand that Congress lift the ban on concealed carry at military bases!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily