UN Finalizes USA Gun Grab!

The United Nations, a body of bureaucratic thugs, has finalized the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty to control all arms, including those of law-abiding United States citizens. 

Basically, the Treaty is seeking to replace the Declaration of Independence with the Declaration of Human Rights and granting the United Nations the power to authorize “end users” and “end use” of conventional arms.

If Congress ratifies this treaty, your Constitutional rights will be not only “at stake,” but FORFEITED!! Our Second Amendment rights can literally be hijacked from underneath us.

Your faxes will insure that this treaty is NOT ratified! 


In spite of the endorsement of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, all patriotic Americans must rebuff this Arms Treaty.

Our Constitutional rights, GUARANTEED by the United States Constitution, are being pushed aside by this United Nations’ treaty!

The verbiage in the treaty wants to “implement this Treaty in a consistent, objective and non-discriminatory manner…” Baloney.

This bureaucratic global organization wants to take over all the guns and weapons in the world, including the United States of America!

According to the wording in this treaty, it applies to all conventional arms, to INCLUDE “Small arms and light weapons.”

Our United States Constitution begs to differ!

That liberal, world organization has now verbalized in this horrible treaty that your guns and weapons can be banned and confiscated!  Going against our United States Constitution, President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry want our Congressmen to RATIFY this unbelievable treaty!

This United Nations’ gun grab must be stopped NOW!  That’s why your faxes are so vitally important!


When we read the details of this just-released document, we realize how terrible this UN Arms Trade Treaty really is!

A threatening paragraph reads:  “Each importing State Party shall take measures to ensure that it will allow it to regulate, where necessary, imports under its jurisdiction of conventional arms covered under Section 2.”  This means the United Nations wants to monitor ALL sales of guns, even in the sovereign United States.  This is an onslaught against our liberties and freedoms.

The United Nations wants us to report to them how we are implementing this bad treaty. Here is the precise wording: “Each State Party shall, within the first year after entry into force of this Treaty for that State Party, in accordance with Article 22, provide an initial report to the Secretariat of measures undertaken in order to implement this Treaty, including national laws, national control lists and other regulations and administrative measures.  Each State Party shall report to the Secretariat on any new measures undertaken in order to implement this Treaty…”

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We must make absolutely sure that every Senator must vote against this treaty.  Turning over control of United States citizens is a travesty; and is absolutely not only an invasion of privacy, but goes DIRECTLY against of our own United States Constitution!

Yes, there are still some of us who believe in the U.S. Constitution!

We must also fax every U.S. Representatives to literally PUT PRESSURE on their fellow Senators to vote against this outrageous, treaty that is coming against our sovereignty!  Please fax our Congress today!


President Obama and his anti-gun administration urgently want us to ratify this “peace-for-all” UN Arms Trade Treaty!  Under the false hope of everyone living in peace and harmony, the United Nations Small Arms Treaty literally wants to take control of your 2nd Amendment rights and put them under international law!

Please fax Congress TODAY to help make sure that this Treaty is KILLED!

  Fax Congress NOW!


Tony Adkins