Fellow Conservative,

Democrats just won’t stop. They are using a seldom-used parliamentary maneuver to bypass House leadership and force a vote on their radical gun control agenda!

How is this possible? Well, the Speaker of the House has the authority to pick and choose which pieces of legislation are put up for a vote and which are relegated to the ash heap of history. In almost every circumstance, the Speaker can block a bill from reaching the floor of the House, which effectively kills it.

There is, however, another way to force a vote on legislation and the Democrats have announced that they plan to use it to push through immigration reform. If the Boehner refuses to allow a vote on a particular bill, the Democrats can draft a “discharge petition” that overrides the Speaker and sends a bill straight to the floor.

Discharge petitions are seldom-used, parliamentary maneuvers and only a handful of these attempts have succeeded in recent memory. Discharge petitions are extremely difficult to accomplish because they require the minority opposition party to collect majority support. That means that in addition to capturing the entire minority party vote, discharge petitions also require a handful of majority congressmen to go against their leadership.

The Democrats have announced that they plan to use this method to force a vote on gun control, and if they are able to convince a handful of Republicans-in-Name-Only (RINOs) to support the petition, radical gun control will be the law of the land by Christmas!

Democrats are forcing a vote on their gun control agenda and the GOP is just rolling over! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they stop the Left’s discharge petition!

In normal cases, I would expect the GOP to stand tall and stop this madness.

But the Democrats have already got Republicans onto their side. And yesterday, they got the ball moving and have begun threatening government shutdown unless Congress votes on their gun control package.

No to mention the fact that Democrats are pushing a Republican-written gun control bill! The legislation would give the President and his administration the power to suspend a citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights at any time and for any purpose. No evidence... no trial... no due process. Even the Los Angeles Times -- hardly a Conservative paper -- agrees that the Left's plan is unconstitutional and tyrannical.

Personally, I could care less if Democrats use gun control to cause a shutdown. Then they’d own it.

But Republicans are deathly afraid of shutdowns. They are so afraid that whenever they hear the word, they start voting like Democrats. It’s happened multiple times already during budget fights. The minute they get blamed for a shutdown, they lose all principle and just vote alongside the Democrats.

At the start of the week, there were zero people on the discharge petition. Today, there are over 140 signatures.

This is happening and you need to act now!

We cannot afford to let even one Congressman think he or she can get away with voting for gun control.

But they’re not going to see the light on their own. The fact that Republicans are already signing on is a huge red flag.

The last time the Democrats tried a stunt like this with illegal alien amnesty, we bombarded Congress with half a million faxes and put a stop to their plan. No Republican dared sign on.

But now we’re dealing with Republican-sponsored legislation. It’s a whole different animal.

Don’t let the RINOs surrender the 2nd Amendment! Force them to stop this radical gun control bill from ever seeing the light of day!

If the Democrats succeed, then this legislation will pass and the 2nd Amendment will be dead.

If you do nothing, then Barack Obama will gain the ability to suspend 2nd Amendment rights at will.

This is the tyranny that the Founders warned us about. This is why they warned us to remain vigilant.

And you must be vigilant. This is a real threat. You cannot afford to stay silent.

What Obama and the Democrats are doing is tyrannical! Demand that Congress put a stop to this radical gun control tyranny!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily