Fellow Conservative,

The VA has been in the news this week, thanks to Donald Trump skipping the debate and holding a fundraiser for veterans’ healthcare instead. But that’s not the only news coming out of the VA…

You probably don’t remember the name Kimberly Graves. That name didn’t receive a lot of airtime at all.

She used to work at the VA, until an Inspector General discovered that she was stole around $130,000 from the Department. At a time when veterans were literally dying because there wasn’t enough funding to treat them in time, this woman was siphoning off over a hundred grand.

Instead of firing her, the VA demoted her. Yea, I know…

But she fought her demotion. She took the case to the Merit Systems Protection Board and that body just decided this week that stealing $130,000 from our veterans does not warrant a demotion. They just reinstated her at her old inflated salary.

Unacceptable! Force Congress to FIRE VA Secretart McDonald and replace him with someone who will do what is necessary to protect our vets!

We also learned this week that Army Veteran Barry Coates, a victim who became the face of the VA scandal, passed away from cancer that went untreated because the VA couldn’t afford to get him in to see a doctor on time. He was only 46 years old…

Coates had rectal cancer that could have been detected and fought. But the VA delayed his doctors appointment by 11 months, and by that time it was too late.

I want you to look at these two cases side by side. When the VA told Mr. Coates that they couldn’t see him, they did so because there weren’t enough doctors. They didn’t have enough doctors because they didn’t have enough money to pay the doctors. They didn’t have enough money to pay the doctors because people like Kimberly Graves were stealing from the taxpayers.

When VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald came on board, he promised that he would hold corrupt bureaucrats like Kimberly Graves accountable. He told us that he would stop at nothing to clean house at the VA.

He has been in charge of the VA for a year and a half and he has only fired THREE people. A VA employee caught stealing $130,000 just got reinstated.

I’m sorry, but he is just not capable of fixing the problems. We gave him a shot, and he failed. Veterans like Barry Coates are still dying and corrupt bureaucrats like Kimberly Graves are still getting away with theft and murder.

Don’t let any more veterans die! Demand that Congress remove the VA Secretary and replace him with someone who has the guts to actually fire people!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily