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Sometimes, the hypocrisy of Congress is just too much to bear…


This week, Sen. Dianne Feinstein came out and accused the Central Intelligence Agency of spying on Congress. The Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Sen. Feinstein is in charge of managing the Senate’s oversight of the U.S. Intelligence community. Currently, the Committee is performing a broad analysis of the CIA’s past interrogation and detention methods. This has led to tension between a Congressional Committee determined to get to the truth and a spy agency eager to put the past behind it…


Sen. Feinstein alleges that the CIA targeted Congressional computers to get a better idea of what the intelligence committee knew and deliberately deleted documents that might be compromising. Not only is this type of search an seizure unconstitutional and a breach of the CIA’s charter, but it also highlights just how hypocritical Congress is.


Tell Congress to defend and protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all Americans, not just themselves!


News came to light of a secret NSA spy program that targets literally EVERY American, and these clowns in Congress didn’t even bat an eyelash. But, the minute they become the target of the intelligence establishment, then you hear them screaming about their “constitutional rights…”


Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, exhibited the same type of hypocrisy. When it became known that the NSA was spying on millions of German citizens, she claimed that it was necessary to fight the War on Terror. However, when news broke that the NSA had also tapped her phone, she began to scream that the spy program was an outrage. This hypocrisy is also alive and well on our side of the Atlantic…


In her speech before the Senate, Feinstein claimed to be “outraged” over the fact that the CIA “violated the separation-of-powers principles embodied in the United States Constitution.”


Holy cow, would you look at that. Apparently Dianne Feinstein – the author of the Assault Weapons Ban and the one who infamously said she wanted to force all Americans to turn in their firearms – has actually read the Constitution! Here I was thinking she had delegated our founding document as toilet paper…


Every now and then, the sheer hypocrisy of our elected officials comes up. Whether it is Congress’ decision to give itself a raise while the economy is crashing, exempting their staff from Obamacare while millions of Americans suffer, or giving weapons to Syrian rebels while simultaneously trying to disarm the American people, Congress has developed a real knack for hypocrisy.


Forget about the “Do Nothing” Congress… this has become the “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” Congress!


You should be outraged over this! We live in a world where an elected official does not seem to care at all when the rights of millions of ordinary citizens are violated by our spies, but suddenly it's a huge scandal when a politician finds out the same thing has happened to them!


Tell Congress to defend and protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all Americans, not just themselves!


When the NSA was revealed to be spying on the American people without a warrant, Dianne Feinstein said during a committee hearing that the “surveillance activities conducted under FISA and other programs operated by the National Security Agency are lawful.” She would go on to promise that the NSA spying program “has not been abused or misused” and that we “need this capability to keep people safe.”


Oh, so when an intelligence agency spies on us, it is presumptively lawful, but it becomes unconstitutional if they target an elected official? What an outrageous statement to make…


Make no mistake, the accusations levied against the CIA are serious. They are accused of hacking into a Congressional computer system and deleting approximately 920 pages of classified files being used by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Senate Committee is investigating the CIA’s use of torture, and the Agency is accused of trying to sabotage the investigation…


The fact remains that a dichotomy exists in this country, separating our exalted leaders from the peons that they claim to represent. There is no universal understanding of law and justice. All constitutional rights should be sacred, not just the constitutional rights of Congressmen and Senators. It is abominable that this Congress only seems to be outraged when they are the ones being targeted!


Now we have word that Barack Obama’s top aide met with Dianne Feinstein to try to “deescalate” the dispute. That is liberal-speak for wanting to sweep another damning scandal under the rug. Barack Obama must be afraid that if Dianne Feinstein continues to run her mouth and inform her constituency that the constitution is, in fact, alive and well, they might realize just how tyrannical the administration has become.


Until we hold our Congressional representatives accountable, they will continue exhibit this hypocrisy! Until we force Congress to uphold EVERYONE’s constitutional rights, we will continue to live in a world plagued by selective protection of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!


Tell Congress to defend and protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all Americans, not just themselves!   




Joe Otto

Conservative Daily