Dear Conservative,

An illegal alien woman was recently convicted of a felony hit-and-run killing of two young girls and even though she was found guilty, the Obama administration will NOT be deporting her!

Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros and her brother were driving one October afternoon and drove their car through a pile of leaves. Little did they know that they had just run over two young girls who were playing in the leaf pile…

Of course, it was an accident. This could have happened to anyone. But what the couple did next sealed their fate. The two, upon realizing they had killed two young girls, attempted to cover it up.

Their decision to cover up the crime transformed the whole incident from a horrible accident to a felony hit-and-run. This woman had her day in court this past January and the jury quickly returned a guilty verdict.

U.S. law says that illegal aliens convicted of felonies must be deported immediately. Hell, they all should be deported, but at the very least we should make sure that those found guilty of murder, manslaughter, rape, and other violent felonies are deported back to wherever they came from.

The only problem is that this illegal alien felon won’t be deported. Not now… not a month from now… not ever.  She won’t be deported because she was brought to this country when she was four years old and qualified for “deferred deportation” under Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order! She won’t be deported because Barack Obama’s executive order protects her!

Tell Congress to STOP President Obama from setting illegal alien felons and criminals free!

When Congress refused to pass Obama’s D.R.E.A.M. Act, designed to give amnesty to illegal aliens youths, the President used (read: abused) his authority and just used an executive order to get what he wanted.

The premise was simple: Instead of deporting “low risk” illegals who were brought to this country when they were children, the President would allow them to stay indefinitely. But, Obama promised, if any of these so-called “Dreamers” ever stepped out of line and committed a crime; they would be on the first flight back to their country of origin. He promised that this deferred action executive order would only apply to non-criminal illegal aliens. The case of Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros proves that he lied!

Well, it turns out that the President who sidestepped Congress to enact this regulation couldn’t even be bothered to tell the truth!

When this woman killed two children, prosecutors tried to get her deported, but an immigration judge intervened and stopped all deportation proceedings. The judge refused to cite a reason for dismissing the deportation request. No reason at all.

Now, this killer has been sentenced to – wait for it – just 250 hours of community service… That’s all… So not only is this illegal alien felon not going to be deported, but she won’t even spend a day in jail after she killed two young girls and tried to cover it up.

The jig is up. Everything that Obama and the Democrats told you about their amnesty plan was a complete lie!

They promised that illegal alien criminals would be deported… LIE!

They promised that only law-abiding illegals would remain in the country… LIE!

Earlier this year, we reported that the Obama administration had released 36,000+ illegal alien convicted criminals from federal jails. Among those are rapists, domestic abusers, drug dealers, pimps, and even murderers. In fact, we have now learned that among these 36k criminals, the Obama administration released 169 illegal aliens with homicide-related convictions last year alone!

Think about that for a second… Last year, the Obama administration released one hardened, illegal alien murderer from prison every 50 hours. I knew that Barack Obama was trying to destroy the country, but I never imagined that an administration would deliberately set so many convicted murderers free!

Tell Congress to STOP President Obama from setting illegal alien felons and criminals free!

Take a look… Chances are an illegal alien murder was released from a jail near you! Red dots are the prisons where illegal alien murderers were released and the blue squares represent detention centers where illegals were let go!

Enough is enough! The President simply doesn’t care that convicted illegal alien murders are being released back into society! He is literally letting them out of jail and dumping them in your backyard. He is putting you in danger. He is putting everyone in danger, all because he wants to secure future Democrat voters!

The administration claims that its hands are tied… that they had no choice but to release these violent criminals from prison. There is ALWAYS a choice! The Obama chose to release these convicts!

We cannot allow the country to be surrendered like this! We cannot allow the President of the United States and the Department of Homeland Security to just release these convicted criminals back into the general population!

Tell Congress to STOP President Obama from setting illegal alien felons and criminals free!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily