Fellow Conservative,

Yesterday, I told you about how Harry Reid plans to use his last days in power to push through as many of Obama’s Leftist nominees as possible.

One nominee is Vivek Murthy, a nominee for Surgeon General who is outspoken against gun control. It looks like We the People have put the fear of God into Republicans enough to shoot down this appointment.

But there are more liberal nominees who are potentially more dangerous.

Sarah Saldana is Barack Obama’s nominee to take over Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s amazing that this agency even has the word “enforcement” in the title given Obama’s deliberate non-enforcement of the law.

Sarah Saldana cannot be confirmed as the head of ICE because, quite frankly, she WON’T enforce our immigration laws! She has come out and voiced her support for Obama’s illegal alien amnesty.

Democrats and GOP RINOs stopped real conservatives from defunding Obama’s amnesty. There will be hell to pay, mark my words.

But in the meantime, this is something we can affect. We can stop this liberal alien sympathizer from being confirmed by the Senate!

No more illegal alien amnesty! Demand that Sarah Saldana’s appointment be STOPPED!

When asked whether she agreed with Obama’s decision to give amnesty to illegals, Ms. Saldana made it clear in a written statement that if confirmed, she would enable the President’s amnesty.

The American people don’t need another rubber stamp for Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty… We need an ICE Director who will actually enforce the law as written!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to kill this nomination.

Sarah Saldana has worked as a U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas. Just a few weeks ago, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee confirmed Saldana with a unanimous vote.

Then, Barack H. Obama took it upon himself to rewrite our immigration laws and reward illegals for breaking into this country. When asked whether she opposed Obama’s amnesty, this is how she replied…

“I believe that the president of the United States, as others before him, has legal authority to take executive action to address areas within the purview of the executive branch.”

When her nomination was voted on in the Senate Judiciary Committee after this comment, that unanimous vote all of a sudden turned into a 10-8 split.

Now, Republicans and conservative Democrats are on the fence about confirming a ‘rubber stamp’ for Obama’s lawlessness.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) had introduced Saldana when she first appeared before the committee – a sign of respect and support. However, the Senator has since pulled his support entirely.

“I am troubled by her recent comments regarding the president’s executive actions,” the Senator said, “and I cannot support her nomination to be our nation’s chief immigration enforcement officer until she explains her views before a full hearing in the Judiciary Committee.”

John Boehner and Harry Reid wouldn’t let Conservatives defund Obama’s amnesty. They were more interested in surrendering their legislative authority than supporting the Constitution. But Boehner doesn’t have a say on Senate confirmations.

It is up to you to DEMAND that your Senators vote against Sarah Saldana and deny Barack Obama the rubber stamp he needs to implement his illegal alien amnesty!

This is how we halt Obama’s amnesty! Force Congress to STOP Sarah Saldana’s confirmation from going through!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily