Fellow Conservative,

Well, it’s official. The State Department has been forced to admit that Hillary Clintons nonsecure email server contained 22 Top Secret emails, including files from the need-to-know Special Access Program which requires a higher security clearance.

Not only that, but it was revealed today that these emails are so classified and so damaging to national security that they will never be released in any form.

Usually, Top Secret or Classified documents are released in a redacted form. It has been determined that there are documents so classified that they can’t even be released in redacted – blacked out – form. The government can’t even afford to let the public see the general shape of the document’s paragraphs…

Here’s an example of a fully redacted document. You can’t tell anything about it but the shape of the paragraphs. There are emails on Hillary’s server that are so classified that the administration won’t even risk releasing them like that…

Let that sink in for a second. Now, let your thoughts wander to images of Hillary Clinton behind bars…

That’d be a pretty picture, wouldn’t it?

Enough is enough: If the DOJ won’t prosecute her, we will! FaxBlast Congress and demand a Special Prosecutor to press charges against Hillary Clinton!

Remember, that the State Department tried desperately to get a month’s extension on this release. They wanted you to wake up this morning and know nothing about this. They blamed a weekend snowstorm and asked a Federal judge for a one month extension for all of the emails they were being forced to release.

Instead, they got an extension for the emails that haven’t been processed yet. That means that we get 1,000 emails now and 7,000 emails in a month. This is truly death by a thousand cuts…

But with yesterday’s reluctant release, we see what the Obama administration was so desperate to avoid. They didn’t want the country to know that Hillary Clinton had so many Top Secret and Classified emails on her server.

They wanted to wait until after Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada before releasing that information, and even then, they planned to do it on the eve of the Super Tuesday Primaries.

Do you believe me now? Do you believe me when I tell you that there is a full-blown cover-up that was literally this close to succeeding?

What the Obama administration revealed yesterday is a felony. It is a felony to take Top Secret files and store them the way Hillary did. It was a felony for Hillary to give those Top Secret files to her lawyer – who didn’t have a security clearance – for safekeeping. It was a felony to hire an outside IT firm without the proper clearance to manage the server.

We are talking DECADES in prison. But Obama won’t indict…

No more waiting. Demand a Special Prosecutor for Hillary’s crimes or tell Congress you will remove them from office!

Luckily, our predecessors envisioned a situation where executive tyranny and corruption would have to be dealt with.

That is why they gave Congress the power to appoint Special Prosecutors.

A Special Prosecutor has all the power of a DOJ-appointed prosecutor, the only difference being that one appointed by Congress cannot be swayed or influenced by the executive branch.

The charges against Hillary Clinton are clear. She belongs in prison for a long time.

We can put her there. The evidence can put her there. But only if Congress appoints a Special Prosecutor!

No more delays! Tell Congress they can either appoint a Special Prosecutor or pack their bags!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily