Dear Conservative American Citizen,

There is a way to put a check on the overlord Barack Obama, and the information overload from their seemingly endless power grabs: PASS THE REINS ACT in the Senate. The great news from last week is that the House passed their version onto the Senate but now Senator Rand Paul’s legislation faces a tough fight. We must stand with him.

The REINS Act puts power back into the hands of the people and forces Members of Congress to vote on the merits of a bill and then be held accountable for their votes. That is why Obama hates it. IT TAKES AWAY HIS ABSOLUTE CONTROL.

The Regulations of the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act means NO MORE REGULATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. Obama cannot simply install his cronies into high-ranking government agencies and let them run wild over America’s economy (think of the EPA). REINS requires there be Congressional approval before major regulations can take effect. This prevents the President and government agencies from handing down decrees in a dictator-like manner, bypassing Congress and influencing our society without the input of the people and our representatives.

This is an important Act enabling the legislative branch to take back their power from the executive branch…and it is so necessary while we have a rogue President like Barack Obama, who insists on bypassing Congress and acting as a dictator.

We have three more years of President Barack Obama. It is our duty as citizens to continue the fight for transparency and accountability in government.

Tell the Senate to support the REINS Act and restore democracy to America!

There is scandal after scandal coming out of the White House. Obama’s picture-perfect image is starting to unravel as we begin to live under the failure from his first term.  I cannot imagine what the next few years are going to bring if he is allowed to continue his dictatorship.


Rep. Todd Young (R-IN) sponsored REINS in the House. After it passed he said, “Regardless of which party occupies the White House, this commonsense legislation is needed to restore the balance of power in Washington and return responsibility for the legislative process to Congress. For too long, Congress has allowed administrations of both parties to enact regulations at great costs to the American people with little oversight. The REINS Act would allow Congress to vote on new major rules before they are imposed on hardworking families, small businesses, and agriculture producers.”

Wayne Crew of the Competitive Enterprise Institute also praised the bill’s passage, saying, “This is a great day for American taxpayers. Between ObamaCare and President Obama’s pledge to remake American energy policy through the regulatory process, it’s more important than ever Congress exercise its constitutional authority to vote on these executive actions that impose significant costs on the public.”

Just what are those costs? Obama’s unchecked regulatory power amounts to about $14,678 for EACH American family. I cannot afford his grand, global and “fundamental” change to America: can YOU?

He thinks he can do what he wants as he sits in the White House, never even considering what all his excessive regulations are doing to hardworking people like you and me. Or perhaps he HAS considered it, but he just doesn’t care.

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We are completely fed up with government inaction, overreach, red tape, lip service and gridlock, and we expect you are, too. If the Senate will pass the REINS Act we can restore legislative control and accountability to Congress, while reining in Obama’s power.

The REINS Act means that new MAJOR regulations that will cost more than $100 million annually would only take effect if the House and Senate approve them. And, the House and Senate are required to vote “yay” or “nay” on each major rule, creating an expedited review process and forcing Members to vote one way or the other…which of course enables We, the People, to hold them accountable for their votes.

It is a win-win situation, and we do not believe there should be any debate! Now, perhaps more than ever, we NEED this assurance of a balance of power!

If Barack Obama can allow any government agency to set regulations on individuals and businesses having a major impact on American life, then what do we need a Congress for?

Restore accountability to government. Don’t allow Obama to kill the dream of our Founding Fathers.

Tell Congress to pass the REINS Act and end Obama’s dictatorship!

THE REINS ACT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT NOW, as Obama tries to jam through environmental regulations on families and businesses, using junk science and United Nations talking points.

This can help fight Agenda 21 initiatives and a host of other oppressive regulations that will further kill our ailing economy and end our Constitutional freedoms. Obama’s worldview is dangerous and he is using his political appointees to carry it out without any discussion from Congress.

Obama is constantly on the campaign trail acting the movie star, lying to the American people about his real agenda while his buddies back in Washington draw up regulations, fines and taxes in order to appease the tax-hungry Democrats and the global-minded socialists at the United Nations.

He has rendered Congress essentially useless, and although there are many in Congress who have refused to act and therefore abdicated their power, there are still many who believe the voice of the people should be heard and legislative activity should occur based on careful thought and consideration.



Hundreds of thousands of people have called for Obama’s impeachment. We believe he has acted illegally in many cases. Unfortunately we cannot secure an impeachment with a Democrat-heavy Senate and a House unwilling to act.

That is why passing the REINS Act is a goldmine. It is an immediate legislative action around his dictatorship. In fact, the New York Times (Obama’s bedfellow) bemoans the fact that the REINS Act will “undermine the Executive Branch.” THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT IT TO DO!

The Obama administration is the LEAST transparent in history, despite Obama’s fanfare on his first day in office when he claimed he would open up government to the people. Almost everything out of his mouth is a lie. He surrounds himself with Organizing for Action who does his bidding and carries out his socialist world view. THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT TO AGENCY BEHAVIOR RIGHT NOW.

The REINS Act is a wonderful way to reign in Obama’s power and stop him from going around Congress on major legislation.

Don’t let the government take control of you—take control of our government!

Tell the Senate to Pass the REINS Act!


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily