Fellow Conservative,

We have always stood committed to bringing you the stories that the mainstream media doesn’t seem interested in covering. That will never change.

While the news has been plastered with the he-said, she-said nonsense coverage of the Presidential campaign, there are numerous issues that are being completely ignored.

Prime example: No major media outlet covered the fact that the Obama administration just used executive action to regulate thousands of gunsmiths out-of-business.

And today, not a single mainstream news outlet is reporting that a government watchdog agency, the US Government Accountability Office, has discovered that the ATF is keeping an illegal registry of American gun owners.

The law explicitly prohibits the government from keeping a database of Americans who buy guns because that is literally a pre-requisite for confiscation. But that is exactly what the Obama administration was just caught doing!

It is confirmed. Obama is illegally keeping a registry of American gun owners! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress dismantle this illegal registry and force the records to be destroyed!

Essentially, the law requires a gun dealer to process background checks and give the ATF a record of the sale. The ATF then holds onto this data for a set period of time so that, if the gun is stolen or used in a crime, they have a record to use to identify the weapon. The law allows a longer storage period for records of Americans who buy two or more guns at once.

Well, the GAO found that the ATF is illegally holding on to these records beyond the point that the law mandates their destruction.

This is a firearms registry and it is 100% illegal.

Every single Western Country that has implemented gun confiscations (England, Canada, Australia, etc) was able to do so because they had detailed records of which citizens owned guns.

Those gun control regimes literally started with laws mandating universal gun registration and just decades later, those registries were used to round up all the guns.

That is why Congress writes into the appropriations bill, every single year, that the ATF, or any government agency for that matter, cannot keep a registry of American gun owners.

There is literally no reason for a registry other than to use it to take away someone’s guns.

We are seeing the administration do this with the Social Security Administration. They are taking the list of disabled Social Security beneficiaries, which is millions of people, and cross referencing it with ATF records to see which of these disabled Americans own guns.

Then, they are using their disability paperwork as an excuse to declare they are mentally or physically unfit to own firearms and delivering confiscation letters. The same is happening at the VA with Veterans receiving notice they have to hand over their guns because they are disabled.

A few months ago, I wrote to you and detailed what Obama was doing and warned that if we let him go after the disabled and the elderly, then there would be no-telling who he would target next.

Well, it turns out Obama has been keeping a registry of American gun owners all along!

Registration leads to confiscation! FaxBlast Congress to FORCE them to dismantle this illegal gun owner database and destroy all records immediately!

This is why we fight back. We oppose all attempts to create a nationwide registry because history tells us that those registries are always used to disarm the populace.

Obama used the lists at the VA to disarm veterans, he has used the lists of disabled Social Security beneficiaries to target the elderly, and now he collecting data on everyone else who buys a firearm and using this data to create an illegal registry.

There is no coming back from this if Obama is allowed to continue.

To let this continue would be a mistake that a free people get to make only once...

It is confirmed. Obama is illegally keeping a registry of American gun owners! FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress dismantle this illegal registry and force the records to be destroyed!

Time to end this,

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily