Fellow American,

President Obama has promised that his immigration executive actions aren’t ‘amnesty.’ He claims that his actions are nothing but an attempt to refocus manpower towards dealing with real criminals.

Apparently, crossing the border illegally isn’t a ‘real crime.’

The President promises to increase enforcement along the border, but all we’ve been seeing is more of the same catch-and-release tactics that get Americans killed.

Don’t believe me? I’d like to introduce you to Apolinar Altamirano. This 29 year-old illegal alien has been in and out of police custody for years. In 2012, he was arrested and CONVICTED of burglary. He was not deported and was subsequently let out of prison.

He was cited for trespassing at a convenience store on January 9th of this year and was subsequently served with an injunction for harassment a few days later.

If the Obama administration did their job and deported this criminal, as the law requires, they might have saved a life.

Instead, Apolinar Altamirano was released on bond. He promptly returned to the convenience store and allegedly murdered the store clerk over a box of cigarettes.

This is the reality of Obama’s amnesty!

Demand that Congress put a stop to Obama’s catch-and-release amnesty before more people are killed!

We hear about this far too often. How the Obama administration catches an illegal alien only to release them and allow them to murder, rape, or assault innocent Americans.

It’s become so common that we’ve been desensitized to it.

The fact of the matter is that our immigration system is designed the way it is for a reason. Inevitably, illegal aliens are going to slip through the cracks. They are going to get in this country because politicians in both parties refuse to actually protect the border.

But eventually, they mess up. Eventually, they get caught speeding, drunk driving, or are arrested on lesser charges. The law says that they must be deported. Obama says the opposite.


Instead of using these lesser arrests as an opportunity to deport these criminal illegal aliens, the administration chooses to release them back into the population.

They had an illegal alien in custody who was CONVICTED of burglary. He was caught, arrested, and given a fair trial where a jury of Americans determined he was guilty.

If an American had committed the crime, they would still be in jail. But in Obama’s America, illegal aliens get off…

Enough is enough. Newly elected Senator Joni Ernst put it simply: “We are legislators, the President is not, and we need to stop that executive overreach, and that includes executive amnesty.”

Obama’s executive amnesty has made it open season for illegal alien murderers, rapists, and violent criminals.

Instead of protecting the country and upholding the constitution – which Obama swore to do – he has opened the floodgates for illegal aliens to pretty much do whatever they want without fear of deportation.

The threshold for getting deported is now ridiculously high. I mean, look at this case. Apolinar Altamirano was caught on videotape murdering a store clerk. He also has a prior conviction.

Yet, Immigration officials are still debating whether he should be deported or not!

This is lunacy! I hardly recognize this country anymore. But I still refuse to give up on her. I refuse to sit quietly while this Imperial President undermines everything we have worked so hard to build!

Join the fight! Put a stop to the illegal alien revolving door once and for all!

Demand that Congress put a stop to Obama’s catch-and-release amnesty before more people are killed!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily