Fellow Conservative,

With what went on in Paris over the past few days, all eyes have been on ISIS. The terror group has dominated the news cycle in ways not seen since 9/11.

Believe it or not, if there hadn’t been a terrorist attack, we would still be talking about Paris. There is a plot that is so treasonous, it is remarkable that it isn't dominating the headlines. The Obama administration is working around the clock to surrender US sovereignty to the UN.

You see, this month Obama administration officials are meeting with EU members to craft a new international climate change treaty. We have been warning about this for months.

Since the climate change conference was added to the schedule, the Obama administration has been adamant that it will not go through Congress. According to the White House, the President’s plan has always been to craft the agreement in a way so it is binding but does not require ratification.

With your help, we sent half a million faxes to Congress on this issue alone and the result has been tremendous. Congressmen and Senators left and right are blasting the Obama administration’s plan to circumvent Congress.

Late last week, Secretary of State John Kerry tried to clarify and promised that the agreement would not be a binding treaty.

This set off a firestorm in France and the rest of Europe. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had the best answer.

“Jurists will discuss the legal nature of an accord on whether it should be termed as a treaty or an international agreement,” Fabius told reporters in Paris, “but the fact that a certain number of dispositions should have a practical effect and be legally binding is obvious so let's not confuse things, which is perhaps what Mr. Kerry has done.”

John Kerry got caught talking out of both sides of his mouth.

For months, Kerry has been negotiating with EU countries to create a legally binding treaty that wouldn’t require Congressional approval.

It was this same French Foreign Minister who met with US delegates this past summer and concluded that “we must find a (climate change) formula which is valuable for everybody and valuable for the U.S. without going to the Congress.”

John Kerry got busted. Now, he’s trying to salvage this.

Absolutely not! Don’t let Obama and Kerry circumvent the Constitution to implement this radical agenda! Tell Congress to put a stop to this right now!

Of course none of this is in the news. The horrific attacks from Friday have pushed this story to the back burner.

But it is still important.

With you help, we have put tremendous pressure on Congress to stop this lawlessness. Kerry, feeling like he was being backed into a corner, tried placate Congress and promise the agreement would not be legally binding, essentially throwing his European counterparts under the bus.

The Obama administration thought they could lie their way out of this one. They failed.

But as of right now, the trip to Paris to sign this climate change treaty is still on. Obama administration officials are going to be using YOUR tax dollars to fund an all-expense paid trip to France with the sole purpose of circumventing Congress and violating the Constitution.

With one vote, Congress can cancel John Kerry’s funding and make sure that no US delegates are there to sign this radical and unconstitutional climate change treaty!

But that is where you come in…

You answered the call before and ended up getting Congress to pressure John Kerry and force him to reveal his true intentions. He has no intention of putting this treaty through Congress. He is going to sign it anyway, just like he did with the UN Arms Treaty.

Therefore, he CANNOT be allowed to go to this conference!

Tell Congress to defund John Kerry’s climate change trip and STOP the Obama administration from forcing this radical climate treaty down American’s throats!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily